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(10 May 2002) The latest release by Delerium, Odyssey (Nettwerk (USA) 0 6700 30240 2 0, 2001), is a two-CD collection of remixes from all three previous albums with eight of them previously unreleased or unavailable in any format. Note that several of the tracks have previously been out of print until being reincarnated here. The two CDs include fifteen tracks in total, yet four have two versions and two of them ("Silence" and "Innocente") have three. Only one remix of the tracks "Euphoria (Firefly)" and "Incantation" is provided.

The remixes are primarily dance oriented and will likely appeal most to lovers of that genre or die-hard Delerium enthusiasts. Those that most enjoy the group's more ambient and ethnic/tribal influences most may not appreciate the difference. Delerium's prior Nettwerk releases include Semantic Spaces (1995), Karma (1997) and Poem (2000) (review).

The first CD has seven extended remixes. The "Silence" remix, which opens the album, features vocal work by Sarah McLachlan. The "Underwater" remix follows with vocals by Rami sounding like the version on Poem. The Key South remix of "Heaven's Earth" which follows includes vocals by the stunning Kristy Thirsk.

Leigh Nash's sensitive vocals grace the Deep Dish remix of "Innocente." Single Gun Theory's Jacqui Hunt sings on the remix of "Euophoria (Firefly)" while Camille Henderson's vocals again appear on the Bleak Desolation mix of "Duende." The first CD concludes with "Flowers Become Screens" again sung by Kristy Thrisk. This first CD is very dance beat oriented and will most appeal to those that enjoy this type of music most.

The second CD has eight tracks and while extended like those on the first, perhaps some are lighter, more orchestral and less thumpy remixes. Kristy Thirsk opens the CD vocally soaring in the Matt Darey remix of "Heaven's Earth." A more subdued mix of "Silence" with vocals provided by Sarah McLachlan comes next and is followed by another Camille Henderson version of "Duende." The 12" mix (edit) version of "Incantation," again with vocals by Kristy Thirsk follows.

We especially enjoyed the MaUVe's Dark Vocal mix of "Underwater" with vocals by Rani and Mr Sam's The Space Between Us remix of "Innocente" and the Michael Woods remix of "Silence" again with Sarah McLachlan. Kristy Thirsk concludes with the Frequency Modulation mix of "Flowers Become Screens" that concludes the second CD. Somewhat ligher than the first CD, the second will most likely have a broader audience appeal.

Odyssey is a value-packed double release certain to appeal to people that like a stronger beat to their music and adore Kristy Thirsk and Sarah McLachlan's vocal work. It may not however phase the others in Delerium's audience. Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.com here. Clearly worth a journey, the latest release by Delerium, especially in the run up to the Balligomingo album Beneath The Surface, is an especially nice listen!

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