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The Brenthaven Trio 15.4 Shoulder Case

Laptop accessories don't get much better than the products that we find from Brenthaven. The Trio 15.4 Shoulder case is the latest addition to our selection of travel equipment, and it doesn't disappoint. Made of the same super-tough military grade nylon as the Commuter and Trek, the Trio 15.4 features a significantly larger height and width with accompanying innovation in Brenthaven's alternate bag style.

There's thick padding on the bottom of the bag to protect all of the goodies inside. The bag's style includes several new innovations including an attractive and modern graphite gray interior color, rearrangement of the pockets from earlier models and a wonderful self-adjusting slide-in computer sleeve.

As the Trio name implies there are three full size main compartments. The bag's outer surfaces feature additional storage locations. The front is divided into three locations. The largest of the three is home to Brenthaven's standard organization for pens, business cards, a key clip and two further netted sleeves for accessories. A zippered folded umbrella location underneath the organizer and a further zippered location above complete the layout. Clever pass through's to the lower front umbrella sleeve and up to the top accessory sleeve from the organizer have been well throught out. The back of the bag has a full length zippered pocket as well as the famous self securing Brenthaven wheelee strap.

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The first main compartment is a file system with three fabric dividers similar to those featured in earlier Brenthaven models although this time note all interior fabric is graphite gray rather than jet black. The second compartment features Brenthaven's brand new and most innovative "core" computer sleeve. In addition to the outstanding split double door top entry, the core features self sprung side panels that automatically adjust to the laptop when inserted. Note the Trio has been designed for some of today's largest laptops that measure up to 15.4" wide. Laptops smaller than 12.5" will swim inside the compartment.

The third main compartment, this time completely separated from the computer area has six individual storage sleeves. The three on the bottom of the bag are entirely adjustable. Two entirely removable padded and velcro-attached dividers do the business. The remaining three atop the compartment are equal jewel case size netted sleeves toped with elastic cord. The design is superb!

As with Brenthaven's earlier shoulder bags, we found the sleeve great innovation, especially for larger computers. The case also sports additional height. Measure your computer before selection since the added height and width may detracts in those circumstances where the computer is actually too small for this bag. In those cases, buyers would be better served with one of Brenthaven's smaller bags.

As for the Trio, there's more than enough room for anything the user might be travelling with in the main compartment. We tend to travel with a lot of electronics gear, luckily for us all of it fits (cords, cases and all) in the new highly adjustable accessory compartment.

The Trio satisfies a need for a spacious travel bag good for daily commutes as well as long flights. It has more than enough room for anything a business person needs--and more importantly the user knows their laptop is extremely safe from harm inside. There's not much else we could ask Brenthaven to give us, it seems that from the innovative laptop sleeve to the plentiful organization that they've thought of everything--hands down the best computer bag we've ever used.--Russ Elliot

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