Sentiment offer hard electric backing for young angelic voice in the lead vocal. They are certainly ready for further publicity. Their website provides some demo versions of their music for our audience.

Sentiment was grounded by the brothers Toni (guitar) and Jami Huovinen (drums) added with Rauno Vaaranen (bass) as usual hobby and school band in Finland northern Europe. Teemu Lindroos (keyboards) joined later. Still at this writing all members are below 20 of age and are at work or even students.

Of their style and ambitions Jami Huovinen told us: "Our style is heavy metal with "catching" melody lines designed for female voice. We have an identity a bit outside from heavy bands usually seen. Some others have already done it successfully with female vocalist, but still majority of bands in this branch are still lead by male vocalists. Our music may not be something brand new and super exiting, but all concentrated on Emmi's voice we deliver "Sentiment," which is unique. We aim to make gigs first in Finland and hope later to tour elsewhere in Europe. First we have to get ready with school anyway."

Musical Discoveries: Sentiment's music sounds very well prepared and ready for air play, so how come that we don't have your first album available yet?"

We would certainly like to sign a deal with some label. Everyone thinks of that! There has already been a negotiation but all the details were not yet suitable for all parties. Lots of material is already composed and it should not be a problem to pick up the tracks for the first release. All finalized? Some tracks are, some are not. There will always be different ways to play certain parts, a decision must just be made for an album - and that's about it.

We once won somewhat a "competition" promising a label deal with studio time but later we were told the studio was not available. Feels similar like buying a new Nokia model this week and next week they offer a new one with better price and features and that's the one you wanted but missed. We believe our turn will come soon."

What kind of plans you have for yourselves in the near future?

We continuously make--or at least try to make--new songs and will take performing opportunities as much as possible. Lot of efforts will be paid to promoting Sentiment with image we'd like people to see also on stage. This is generally important for the audience.

As a young band you can also share your dream with all of our readers, if you like?

I have often talked with my brother about performing at "Wacken Open Air Festival" in Germany some day. We were there with Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius) in the summer 2002 and that will remain a dream as long as we get on stage there. The same also motivate us to train playing and think of our visual appearance.

Oh yes, we would like to see ourselves as professional "musicians" and earn the money we need by playing our music for the people. Eh--to get rich--is that dream enough? (laughing)

We also talked with the stunning vocalist Emmi Pakkanen who despite distinctive talent is surprisingly shy with her comments and appearance. At her age 17 Emmi shows a very professional and developed natural voice handling in their music.


We understand your original interest on styles has been totally different than you bring out with Sentiment, so how come you joined the band?

When we met I was still in the school. Our music teacher proposed to me to think about joining the boys with the band in the same school. I found that an interesting idea to try--so, here we are.

Who are the female vocalists you find inspiring yourself?

Sarah Brightman is to mention first. I think she has a pretty "sweet" and bright voice in a very beautiful way. That really sends cold shivers down the spine. However, I'm inspiring and pushing myself onwards as well.

Your voice is highly enjoyable and it will certainly develop more with age. How do you train your singing and where have you been performing before Sentiment?

Singing has been part of me all my life so far. I have actually never had regular singing lessons, but years ago participated some short courses. Should definately start gaining further support from an instructor again. Couple of years ago I was chosen for some Disney projects and I have been in a choir. Performances in the school, etc.

From Finland we have presented Nightwish for instance. Do you find Sentiment to be a follower to that or what is your vision how to build the individual style of the band?

Of course you may find some "cliche" sounds on Sentiment, but comparing with Nightwish is perhapps not really how we see ourselves. Yes, both are bands with male players and female vocalist but we are not looking for opera-style connection to our music. We look for sentimental melodies combined with hard rock backing. My voice is not designed for opera, rather natural style.

We asked the boys about the bands "dream". What is your dream Emmi?

I would love to tour with Sentiment--I mean real gigs. Besides this some day I could perhaps try to do some solo work to test my voice on that area. I certainly continue to dream of singing a bit melancholy, beautiful, stunning and powerful songs that are still suitable to my voice.

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