Patricia Vonne


Patricia Vonne

How are you Patricia?

I am great, thanks for asking! Hope you are well. Thanks for taking the time to interview me.

You have an interesting style and sound that is familiar yet hard to pin down. Where does that stem from?

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and one of ten children. My mother loved to play the guitar and sing. She instilled in us a harmonic sense by leading us in her favorite traditional Mexican folksongs.

My dad was a drummer in college so there was always music in the house. My two older brothers would share their album collection with me which included the Cruzados, Lone Justice, Johnny Reno and Joe Ely to name a few. They influenced my music greatly.

The placement of the song "Traeme Paz" on the Once Upon a Time in Mexico soundtrack really turned a lot of heads your way. Was that surprising to you?

I was thrilled to be a part of the "El Mariachi Trilogy". "Traeme Paz" has allowed me to reach a broader audience and to build a loyal following. It has opened the door to touring overseas as well.

Since Guitars & Castanets is your sophomore album, what kinds of things did you want to capture on this album that you felt could be improved upon or felt that you may have missed on your first album?

I wanted this album to be a musical reflection of my heritage. I wanted it to be bilingual like my debut CD and I wanted to rock! I included songs that are dedicated to my family and musical heroes--Joe Ely, Alejandro Escovedo, and Johnny Reno. My first album which I am very proud of, allowed me to hone my songwriting and it enabled me to invite my musical heroes to perform on my new CD--Charlie Sexton, Johnny Reno and Jon Dee Graham.

Did you feel a lot of momentum going into it's recording due to the success of "Traeme Paz" or do you feel its success put more pressure on the record?

I was anxious to record my second album. I had the songs, raised the money, and made a wish list of musicians. I felt really confident throughout the whole recording process especially because of my producer Carl Thiel who had produced "Traeme Paz" and he made the sessions effortless. The experience was grand and the results exceeded my expectations.

As a songwriter, how much of your songs do you allow to be personal and how much do you prefer to be story, thus being a "safe-distance" from personal? Is there even that kind of distinction when you write?

If it is a personal matter, it always helps to throw some humor in the mix! I do a lot of writing with my husband / guitar player Robert LaRoche which is always very rewarding and fun.

Would you tell our readers a little about "Blood on the Tracks" and the story it tells and inspirations behind it?

I co-wrote this song with my husband who brought in the music and we both wrote the lyrics. The darkness of the song conjured up visions of one of my favorite Stephen King short stories called The Body and there was a gripping railroad scene and an unsolved murder. The song is essentially about survival, resolve, and redemption.

Obviously your music is bilingual as well. What kind of challenges does that bring to how you present your music to listeners? Or perhaps you feel it's an enhancement rather than a challenge?

I am very proud to be Mexican-American and writing in a bilingual style allows me to embrace my culture. It's only a challenge if I have writer's block.

Looking at CoraZong Records site they are an interesting label. What made them the right outlet for you and your music?

They give me freedom and they believe in my music enough to want to help me get it out to the masses.

What kinds of emotions do you hope your music brings out in its listeners and why?

Passion, hope, love, sense of adventure, curiosity, and to live life to the fullest.

Having recently seen the amazing movie Sin City, it was cool to learn that you were Zorro Girl in the film.

I was visiting the movie set of Sin City--which was filmed here in Austin, Tx--with my mom and dad. Frank Miller, the creator and co-director, noticed me and said "You'd be perfect for one of my characters. Are you available?" I got the job!

I lived and worked in NYC for many years and I earned my Screen Actors Guild card. I love to work. If the opportunity is there and if it's the right role I would consider it.

Of course the obvious question is what is it like to see yourself on the big screen as a gun toting, ass kicking vigilante prostitute?

I actually wasn't allowed to read the script so all I knew was that I was a gun toting ass kicking Zorro Girl named "Dallas" and that was very empowering.

Do you have any plans to tour to support the new album nationally or internationally?

I will embark on my fifth tour of Europe in July for a six week tour of France, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Germany, Lithuania, and Japan. We'll do an east coast swing in October and then back to Europe in Oct. as well--proudly carrying the Texas torch. For a complete listing of live dates please check out my website.

Do you have any parting thoughts for our readers?

Just thanks!

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