Kyoko Baerstoen

Kyoko Baerstoen

Musical Discoveries: Please tell us a little bit about your background and how you were led to the Sleepthief project.

Kyoko: I'm a singer and musician from Belgium. I'm the lead-singer of the Belgian band Lunascape. We made two albums so far and a compilation of those albums called Reminiscence has now been released in the states.

In addition, I did a European tour with Hooverphonic for three months in 1997. Next year, Walter--guitarplayer and programmer of Lunascape--and I hope to release our third album.

Justin of Sleepthief contacted me after he wrote a review of Lunascape and he asked me if I was interested in singing a song for his project. He sent me some ideas, and when I heard, "Just say it," I said immediately, "Yes!"

Did you always know you wanted to be a musical artist?

Although I finished my studies as a televisiondirector, I knew I wanted to sing.

I went to the music academy at the age of twelve. I studied the German flute for almost ten years and thanks to my teacher I developed a passion for music. I never took singing lessons, but I loved creating melodies and I still do.

How would you characterise the song you did on he Sleepthief album?

It's hard for me to describe a song in general. I feel a song, or I don't. I love the song "Just Say It" because it's an emotional, sensitive song with very nice string parts. I fell in love with "Just Say It" the very first time I listened to it.

Kyoko Baerstoen  

Did you share any of the writing duties?

I had a demo sent over, with a rough vocal melody line. I improvised on it, and added new melodylines and harmonies as well.

Please compare the material to any that you have done on your own or with others.

For me this was the first experience in singing a song of people I never saw before. But I love songs in which I can put a lot of emotions. I always make my own melodies, for Lunascape and now for Sleepthief.

But apart from that, I don't think I can compare this song to any that I've done before, because for me, every song is unique.

And how was the project put together?

The song was sent to me through the internet. I made my melody lines at home and than I went to Walter to record the singing. He sent the files to Sleepthief and they will finish the mixing and mastering.

What kind of music do you find yourself listening to all the time?

I love filmscores! My biggest interest goes to Angelo Badalamenti, the house composer of David Lynch. I also adore Preisner who often composed for Krzystof Kieslowski and Goran Bregovic that wrote the filmscore for Emir Kusturica's Time of the Gypsies.

I also love all the work of Sinead O'Connor, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance and many other artists such as Bowie, Goldfrapp, etc.

  Kyoko Baerstoen

Do you have a career outside of music?

I had a part-time job, but I recently gave my dismissal to have more time for my music.

What are your future plans as a musical artist?

We are working now on the third album for Lunascape and I'm also writing for my solo-project.

What has it been like working the rest of the creative team on the Sleeptheif project?

Well, I didn't see anyone, but I heard Justin a couple of times on the phone and he sounds very nice.

How does it feel to share vocal work with the other artists on the album?

I love the idea and I'm very curious to hear all the songs.

Do you think "image" has a role in promoting your music these days?

I'm afraid the answer is yes, we live in a much more visual world, rather than auditive. For me, music should live its life on its own. I definitely have a problem with singers, bands, etc. that only survive on image.

Has the internet brought you many new listeners, expanded your audience and improved your connection to the fans?

Yes. A song of Lunascape is used in an animated 3D-movie "Haunted Castle" that is shown all over the world. It's amazing how many reactions we receive. Thanks to that movie, we got ourselves a record-deal in the states, and we receive now daily reactions on our website. We are also on iTunes and hopefully more and more people can listen to our music.

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