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Eatliz - Teasing Nature - Digipak Cover
image © Anova Music Ltd 2010

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Eatliz click on image for Eatliz MySpace
The Eatliz Lineup
photo © Anova Music 2010

Lee Triffon click on image for Eatliz MySpace
Lee Triffon (lead vocals)
photo © Liron Erel Photography 2010

Eatliz - Delicately Violent - EP Cover click on image for Eatliz BandCamp
image © Anova Music Ltd 2010

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(site featuring Lee's solo tracks)
Lee Triffon (lead vocals)
photo © Anova Music Ltd


(22 December 2010) The second full-length album from Eatliz-- Tel Aviv, Israel's award-winning progressive rock band -- is entitled Teasing Nature (Anova Music (Israel), 2010). The album is available in a deluxe digipak including the CD, bonus DVD and a stunning illustrated booklet as well as an mp3 download edition. The 12-track DVD includes the band's animated videos and excellently produced live performances of the band's favorite songs. The digipak edition is a must for both dedicated fans and newcomers, especially those that can't see the band's live performances. In 2010 the band toured popular venues across Europe. They are scheduled to perform in Canada and the USA in 2011.

The Eatliz lineup is fronted by Lee Triffon (vocals, piano) and includes: Guy Ben Shetrit (guitars), Or Bahir (guitars, programming), Gabash (guitars, vocals), Amit Erez (guitars, vocals), Omry Hanegby (drums) and Hadar Green (bass, percussion, flute, vocals). In addition to the lyrics, Guy is also responsible for the band's award winning animations. Additional musicians featured on the album are: Omri Behr (keyboards), Sefi Zisling (trumpet), Tamir Muskat (programming on "Tears" and "Mystical Lady"). Vocals and clapping on "Voice Over" are provided by Yair Yona and Anova Music's CEO, Joshua Perry.

Eatliz won the "Best Cip of the Decade" in the Israeli videoclip channel ceremony. The animated clip for the song "Attractive," directed by Yuval and Merav Natan. Their second animated clip to the song "Hey" created great enthusiasm and interest around the world and has won prices from international animation festivals. A new animated clip for "Lose This Child" is certain to draw similar acclaim.

In early 2010, nearly two years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Violently Delicate (review | interview), Eatliz releaseed the Delicately Violent EP. The EP included nreleased songs that are known to those that attend the band's unconventional breathtaking performances. Delicately Violent continued the eclectic mixture of styles that has been the identifying mark of Eatliz. The EP combined sophisticated bittersweet madness and deviously enchanting melodies. The EP also includes a cover to Bjork’s "Army Of Me."

In our recent interview, Guy and Lee told us that several recordings intended for a second full length album were scrapped before release. They wanted the new album to demonstrate significant growth since earlier work. After a period of self-relection, soul-searching, renewal and lineup changes, twelve all new tracks emerged. The band trialed them in live performances and Teasing Nature was finally born.

Although the material continues to be quite eclectic, the tracks on the 42-minute long Teasing Nature album flow almost seamlessly from one to the next. The producer has done an incredible job capturing the band's live energy in the studio album. When asked to characterize the difference between the new album and the band's earlier work, Lee told us that the material was denser. We could not agree more. Not only are the songs varied track to track, but the band have captured the true meaning of progressive in their new songs with tempo, mood and style changes exquisitely embodied within several of the tracks.

All songs on Teasing Nature are composed by Guy Ben Shetrit and Eatliz except "Got It" by Lee Triffon. The album was produced by Eatliz. Lee told us in a recent interview that she prefers to write in English. Lee is well known for her especially expressive live performances.

The album opens with the somewhat bluesy "Your House." Although soft keyboards introduce the song, rocking guitars and bass enter the fray in the dramatic chorus where Lee's powerful and crystalline voice soars above the arrangement. Incredible guitar work by the lineup drives the powerful pulse of "Zoo." Backing vocal work by the men join Lee's percussive, and at times frantically expressive, lead vocals. Available as a pre-release teaser for all to enjoy, the accessible and rocking "Berlin" includes vocal work from several of the band's members. A certain live audience favorite, with its vast tempo and style changes, "O.K." varies from almost-ballad to powerful rocker. Lee begins to show some of her softer and more melodic style in "Falling Up," a thick and densely-arranged guitar-based ballad. The band join her in the rousing choruses.

The stunning and delicate piano ballad "Got It," written entitrely by Lee Triffon, was also shared by Eatliz as an mp3 free of charge. One of our favorite tracks on the album, Lee's crystalline layers of vocalise perfectly balance the lyrical passages. Chosen for the band's first video, "Lose This Child" is an accessible soft-rock tune. In addition to its highly memorable chorus with lush harmony vocals, outstanding trumpet solos add tremendous texture to the song's two instrumental breaks.

The contrast in Teasing Nature continues to develop with "Nine," an upbeat progressive rock tune with powerful guitar work and layers of rousing vocals, soft vocal work and expressive Steve Howe-styled guitar solos during instrumental breaks. The dense arrangements continue into "Voice Over," a track with further embedded style changes and vast guitar excursions. Percussive guitar- and keyboard-based instrumentals fill "Goldie." The band's male repetitive vocal harmonies are backed by layers of Lee's vocalise.

The album concludes with two standouts. First is the stunning (and source of the album's title) track "Tears." Tremendous vocal harmonies and rich instrumental arrangements characterize a warm chorus. The powerful instrumental conclusion will likely conclude the main set or encore of a few Eatliz live performances. The album concludes with the delicately sung and radio friendly, accessible "Mystical Lady." Keyboard- and guitar-based instrumentals perfectly complement Lee's crystalline vocal delivery. Production of the final track is outstanding.

Teasing Nature deluxe digipak edition is currently released in Israel and can be obtained there or ordered directly from Anova Music for shipment worldwide. The mp3 version of the album is available for immediate download from Anova Music as well. Release shows have been scheduled in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa for January 2011. After that, the band will travel to Canada and the USA to further promote the album. Eatliz have found their stride with Teasing Nature and continue to have a very bright future indeed.

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