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Natali Castillo - From This Side - EP Cover
image Natali Castillo 2010

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(21 November 2010) Born in Buenos Airies Argentina, Natali Castillo, now 19 years old, had been one a folk country duet until she decided to branch out to start a career capitalizing on her ability to be a young and sensitive singer / songwriter. She is currently working with her manager and producer in Madrid, Spain.

Natali has a fresh and personal style with a lovely and special voice. The artist, just starting out, has a good bit of growth potential ahead. Her songs speak about her life experiences and her own points of view. She puts things in different places and creates songs in her own deep way. Read more about Natali in our exclusive interview.

The five short tracks on Natali's 14-minute EP, a preview from her forthcoming album From This Side (Self-released (Spain) 2010), clearly shows that she has loved music her whole life. She studied at several private music schools, plays piano, guitar, percussion, and sings. There are stereotypes to compare her to, her sensitive vocalizations are like no one else.

The five folky tracks on From This Side are delicately produced and clearly put Natali's voice right up in front of the gentle piano or other acoustic arrangements. The artist also selected harmonica, cello and light acoustic guitar to accompany her material. The work is still very much in demo stage with various preproduction artifacts yet to be stripped out. Therefore it isis certain to be refined before release on iTunes early next year. We especially enjoyed the multi-tracked harmonies in several of the songs.

On Natali's EP, listen to jazz, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, and of course listen to folk music, loving CSN&Y, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Nick Drake, artists that helped her make up her mind and inspired this young artist, to become a singer and musician.

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