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Edenbridge - Solitaire - CD Cover
image © Napalm Records 2010

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Edenbridge Band Photo (2010)
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Sabine Edelsbacher (lead vocals)
image © Napalm Records 2010


(14 August 2010) Our coverage of Edenbridge began with a review of their debut album Sunrise In Eden and an interview with the band, including their vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher in 2000. We reviewed two subsequent albums entitled Arcana and Aphelion and interviewed Sabine again in 2003. Visitors will also find our review of the Beto Vasquez Infinity album and virtually interviewed Sabine in 2002 alongside Tarja Turunen and Candice Night to discuss their vocal contributions to the project.

The latest album by Edenbridge is an eleven track collection entitled Solitaire (Napalm Records (USA) 14700, 2010). Solitaire is Edenbridge's tenth and most ambitious album. The band's popularity following Aphelion grew substantially, led to several compilations and live albums plus their review copies had voiceovers which led to a a gap in our coverage of their A Livetime in Eden, Shine, The Grand Design, The Chronicles Of Eden, MyEarthDream and LiveEarthDream albums. We resume coverage of the band's recordings here with a review of Solitaire and an all new exclusive interview with the band's stunning lead singer Sabine Edelsbacher.

With Solitaire's predecessor MyEarthDream, the band inked a deal with Napalm Records and teamed up with the Czech Film Orchestra, also heard on myriad Hollywood productions. The force of a full-piece orchestra, in combination with the power of 7-string guitars elevated Edenbridge's sound to a whole new level.

Very much a studio effort by a small cast, on Solitaire the Edenbridge lineup includes: Sabine Edelsbacher (lead vocals), Lanvall (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and piano, bouzouki, mandolin, percussion frog), Dominik Sebastian (rhythm and lead guitars) and Max Pointner (drums). Guests that round out the sound include: Robby Valentine (backing vocals and choirs), Dennis War (backing vocals and choirs) and Astrid Stockhammer (solo Violin on "Skyline's End".

Without ever completely abandoning their trademark sound, Edenbridge constantly moves in a heavier direction, though never fails to include their signature melodies or atmospheric feel. With Solitaire, the band has created their most diverse and atmospheric release to date. The mystic cover artwork depicts a Celtic triad painted by the famous artists Anthony Clarkson and symbolizes the questioning of old beliefs and the resulting paradigm change experience in the world today. The eye, taken from a photo of vocalist Sabine, symbolizes the process of remembering the wisdom, which lives inside us all. More and more we are reminded of this diamond-like and completely indestructible connection.

Solitaire was recorded for the most part by Frank Pitters at Lanvall's Farpoint Station Studio. Many bands that chose to incorporate orchestral arrangements in their sound hire a professional to write their score. This is not the case with Edenbridge, as Lanvall arranges these parts himself. This comes as no surprise, since Lanvall has studied the scores of Anton Bruckner for many years. Through these arrangements and the right combination of instruments, he creates Edenbridge’s unique sound and has received much praise for his efforts by professional musicians and conductors alike.

Edenbridge fans will immediately recognize the signature sound of mastermind and guitarist Lanvall, who once again proves impressively capable of combining musical sophistication with catchy melody lines. Solitaire offers heavy guitar riffs, elaborate orchestral arrangements, and powerful drum parts. The musical foundation is crowned by Sabine Edelsbacher, whose singular voice carries the diverse compositions to new heights.

The result is a multi-faceted kaleidoscope of heavy metal songs ("Solitaire", "Further Afield") and power ballads ("Skyline's End") that through the prominent use of violins and beautiful vocal lines bring back strong memories of Loreena McKennitt. The final polish is the work of mixing guru Karl Groom (Threshold) and the mastering genius of Mika Jussila (Finnvox Studio). Solitaire is an atmospherically solid and technically masterful album that majestically sets itself apart from all prevalent clichés and will do nothing less than captivate symphonic metal fans!

We are delighted to resume coverage of Edenbridge with their Solitaire album and to present our new interview with Sabine Edelsbacher. Surely one of the top female vocalists in the genre, she has continued to transport Edenbridge's music to the next level.

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