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FeelAbouT - Point Of You - CD Cover
click on image to visit FeelAbouT website
image The Eighth Note 2010

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exclusive interview and photos (2010)

FeelAbouT (band photo 2009) click on image to visit band's MySpace
l-r: Liron Erel, Eldar Cohen, Roni Weinstock, Guy Fisher, Dror Rostami
image The Eighth Note 2009

Roni Weinstock(lead vocals) click on image to visit band's MySpace
Roni Weinstock (lead vocals)
image The Eighth Note 2009


(08 August 2010) FeelAbouT, a five piece rock band from Tel Aviv fronted by lead singer Roni Weinstock first drew significant attention from American audiences when they won the Los Angeles Music awards for Best Rock Band of the Year in 2007. Although their song "Smalll Mind" from their first EP Release (2006), received a lot of play at the time in the run up to the recording of their full length album, interestingly it was selected for the 2008 Isreal Unleashed compilation. The EP was produced by Eyal Leon Katzv (Mosaic Project), one of the best and known producers in Israel. When the EP was ready the band formed musical connections in the US and Europe.

Israel Unleashed introduced us to several Israeli rock bands featuring female vocalists. These included, for example, Eatliz featuring Lee Triffon (review), Manga featuring Yael Akron (review) who later became Align (review) and Xamavar featuring Savannah Zwi (reviews 1, 2) who have all been covered by Musical Discoveries these past two years. Read interview with the band's lead vocalist Roni Weinstock.

FeelAbouT's full length album entitled Point Of You (The Eighth Note (Israel) 72900 13 087010, 2010) was released earlier this year. The album's twelve tracks include the five tracks from the band's debut EP. The twelfth track is a live verson of "Small Mind" from the Los Angeles Music Awards. Roni Weinstock and Musical Discoveries have been in touch since recording began and we have had a pre-mastered version of the album to listen to for almost a year so we are quite familiar with the material! FeelAbouT Is all about feeling and expressing by writing, playing and singing it out. Feeding on the everyday experience and letting it out. Most likely you'll get to see it best on their live shows when everything breaks loose.

Indeed, FeelAbouT is a powerful, energetic and exciting Rock band who gets the crowd pumped up and captured by its unique and powerful vocals, tightness production and sound. One view of their material on YouTube clearly underscores the point. The band formed in the end of 2004. Their music is driven by guitar as the lineup shows: members are: Roni Weinstock (vocals and guitar); Guy Fisher (guiitars); Liron Erel (bass); Eldar Cohen (guitars); and Dror Rostami (drums). Lyrics by the remarkable vocalist Roni Weinstock, while music by Roni Weinstock and killer guitar player, Guy Fisher, are produced by one of the best Israeli producers Eyal Leon Katzav.

FeelAbouT has a wide verity of musical influences, from alternative rock to poppy mainstream and American rock N' roll. Influences: Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, Skunk Anansie, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin. The album's stunning artwork was designed by Nir Gutraiman. The Eighth Note have done a remarkable job with the packaging with sharp focus on quality printing and the outstanding selection of the paper.

Point Of You opens with the upbeat rock track "Colors And Shapes." Roni's sensual vocal immediately draws listeners in while the powerful rock arrangements are designed to inspire movement. Layers of vocals illustrate the quality of the recording and production processes. "Slave" contrasts metal-edged guitars with quieter moments and more aggressive vocals. The rhythmic "Jail Break" follows the band's hit track "Small Minds." We especially appreciated the work on the vocal harmonies. Weinstock's vocal prowess is illustrated soaring above the rhythmic guitar licks in "Sing."

The album's stantout track is clearly "Follow Me Down." An accessible ballad, Roni's lead and backing harmonies illustrate her range and versatility. The downtempo "No Pain No Gain" also contributes to the diversity of the album's overall sound. The gentle acoustic ballad "Silence" also clearly demonstrates that FeelAbouT has the range and versatility to please a broad audience. Weinstock's heartfelt vocals are delivered everso delicately.

Listeners will be delighted with another standout, the band's new track "Stop," that lies originally between an accessible pop tune and a hard rock track. The arrangements are delightful. "Break Even" is a stunning classic rock track. Roni's vocals seep into every crack of the song glistening in the verse and powering the guitar-laden chorus. The sharp contrast of the harder edged "Maybe" works well as the main set concludes.

FeelAboutT is a hard rock band. The tracks are generally aggressive, have lots of rhythm and will get you moving. That said, their music is not at all samey. We were especially impressed with "Stop!" and "Follow Me Down." There is significant musical diversity across the album, five tracks having classic memories back to the EP and six new ones that demonstrate growth since the debut recording. Weinstock has a very powerful voice with a broad range and can deliver emotion from the quietest to loudest moments in FeelAbouT's material. The album was certainly worth the wait. Bravo!  

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