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Juliet Lyons - My Siren Song - CD Cover
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image Juliet Lyons / ASCAP
Mystic Voyager Music 2008

Juliet Lyons
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image Juliet Lyons 2009

Juliet Lyons
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image Juliet Lyons 2009


(26 November 2009) Legends of the song of the siren say that it is mesmerizing and seductive. Juliet Lyons' debut album My Siren Song (Mystic Voyager Music (USA) 8 84501 06994, 2008) is not only that, it is sophisticated and intellectual, meditative and contemplative. Juliet's soaring soprano voice delivers the emotion of her thoughtful lyrics with pristine ethereal power, feeding your mind and capturing your heart. Infused with global influences and encompassing New Age, Chill Out, and Classical Crossover genres, The album, "My Siren Song" is a must listen for all Enya, Enigma, Loreena McKennitt, and Sarah Brightman fans. It will certainly appeal to Musical Discoveries' readers.

Lyons is a classically trained, conservatory-educated songstress who has performed around the world, and currently resides on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. Extending beyond the edges of the island, the collaborative team on the album hail from all corners of the globe. The lyrical content of the album ranges from the romantic to the metaphysical in a cross-range of musical styles from New Age to Trip Hop, with some "Pop-Opera" and electronica in between. Listen for theatrical training in her recordings. Pushing the boundaries of music genres with her three octave range, Juliet Lyons envelopes listeners in a diverse medley of sensations and emotions. Be ready to be drawn into My Siren Song.

Listeners will be impressed and intrigued by the tracks on Juliet Lyons' debut album. She is a classically-trained, conservatory-educated singer who composes most of her own music and writes her own lyrics, there is no doubt in my mind that Lyons will be turning more than a few musical heads with her three-octave voice and poetic, socially/environmentally aware messages.

Listen how Lyons' voice can go from plush velvet softness to edgy operatic heights within a few breaths. She obviously has the control to present an entire spectrum of colors and moods. Lyons also performed much of the instrumentation, but also has a few guests artists who add guitars, congas, violin, and guest vocals on various of the ten tracks. The liner notes contain the lyrics, although they are not needed with the artist's superb diction.

"My Dreaming Mind" begins the musical voyage with a song about the joys and mysteries of dreams. Even on the first track, we are treated to the full range of Lyons' voice, accompanied by minimal instrumentation. Listeners will be drawn to the the line that says, "Reality is sweetly undefined."

The title track is a standout both lyrically and musically. The voice of one of the Sirens seductively beckons to someone on the shore to come to her, promising safety, love, and comfort. Who could resist? "Behind the Future" is an anthem and call to action to find peaceful coexistence and to save the planet. "Other Side Of the Moon" is an elegant love song to a secret lover and tells of passionate nights "amid the stars and moonbeams."

"Voyage" is another standout. The lyrics are mysterious and Lyons' passion is palpable as she sings of a voyage of hope and freedom as well as "only black linings in silver clouds can be seen by tragic eyes." "Dreaming of the Hajar" is an exotic instrumental piece with wordless vocals in the background. "Steal My Secret" is a breathless song of forbidden love with a pulsing rhythm and Lyons' magical voice. The closing track is another version of "My Siren Song" with more accompaniment, rhythm, and sound effects.

My Siren Songis a very polished and impressive debut, and I'm sure we'll be hearing much more from Juliet Lyons. Check it out!--Russ Elliot in New York with Kathy Parsons in Florence, OR

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