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Colors Of The Galaxy CD Cover
Image © electron love theory
jooby music 2006

Gaetana Gravellese Gaetana Gravellese (lead vocals)
Image © electron love theory
jooby music 2006

Katie Davis
Katie Davis (lead vocals) [6]
Photo © Jen Clark 2006
The Milk Studio

Tiffany DeLeon
Tiffany DeLeon (lead vocals) [12]
Image © Dark Diffusion 2007

ELT Vocalist Not Pictured:
Cielle Kiewit (lead vocals) [13]


(04 August 2007) Electron Love Theory is a project of the award winning music of songwriter/producer Jeff Leisawitz. With musical comparisons to artists as diverse as Dido, Morcheeba, Portishead, Everything But The Girl, Frou Frou, Alanis and Gus Gus, the Theory fuses electronica, pop, rock and groove reflects the hope, pain, love and sadness of the modern world. The band's debut self-released album Colors Of The Galaxy (Electron Love Theory/Jooby Music (USA), 2006) is a collection of thirteen electronic pop numbers.

The album includes with vocal contributions made by four individual female artists including, for the most part, the crystalline pop power of Gaetana Gravallese as well as the naturally acoustic Katie Davis (solo album review), soulful sound of Cielle Kiewit and groove, power and range of Tiffany.

The opening electronica-oriented half of the album is beautifully sung by Gaetana Gravellese with an air of melancholy that spreads across the first five tracks. Hope is contrasted by alternate chords and crisp percussion delivered by a robust rhythm section. Gaetana's heartfelt and powerfully soaring lead vocal pierces right through the arrangements. One has to marvel at how the keyboard washes perfectly complement vocal passages and listeners will adore the dynamic range and robust equalization presented in the final mix.

Crafted with pop smart hooks, clever songwriting and heartfelt lyrics, these songs stick in your head and resonate in your heart from the very first spin. Electron Love Theory was recently named Best Independent Electronic Artist in the World' on artistdirect.com by an international audience of fans and music industry types.

Electron Love Theory works with a number of singers, musicians and artists on original songs, instrumental cuts, remixes and other projects. From pop songs with singers Gaetana Gravellese and Katie Davis to the project's work on recordings other than the one reviewed here that include dance remixes with the Fading Collection and Stacie Rose, to numerous TV, film and corporate media credits, the distinctive sound and style of Electron Love Theory draws in new listeners with every spin.

While Colors Of The Galaxy is primarily sung by Gaetana Grallese, whose lovely voice graces nine of the album's thirteen tracks, Katie Davis sings the alternatively tinged track "Stirring Words," her whispy vocals skimming across electronics, powerfully soaring above the lush instrumentals on this one track in the middle of the album.

Gaetana returns in the running order for four more tracks, with vocal lines written in the style of the opening five, perhaps in this half with more reverb. It is indeed like the engineering team have turned things up a notch with the result bringing more evocative and sensual edges to the vocalists lines. And Gaetana turns things up a notch herself likely revealing more of her soul with songs that show more rhythm, especially in "Uptown" and the edges of her vocal range, in "Change Direction," for example.

The album concludes experimenting further with Cielle Kiewitt on "Your Love Is Brining Me Down" and with Tiffany DeLeon on "Come A Little Closer" that ends collection with her raw unbridled power, mixed way atop of the arrangements.

Each singer brings a different sound to the collection. The last two, delivery somewhat more of raw edge to the music of Electron Love Theory. While the album demonstrates some of the diversity of Delierium, it has the consistency of Fauxliage, largely by having the stunning Gaetana Gravellese sing the majority of the vocal leads.

Gaetana's powerful own concluding--and the album title's reference--track "In Your Galaxy" brings Charlotte Evans of the UK band Sleeping Giant clearly to mind. Electron Love Theory are off to a great start. These thirteen tracks have just whet our appetite.

from garageband.com: Electron Love Theory is the music of Seattle-based songwriter/producer Jeff Leisawitz. With the help of vocalist Gaetana Gravelese and a bevy of studio singers, the Theory's latest collection, Colors of the Galaxy, explores the love, hope, pain and sadness of the modern world. By combining dark electronic textures, soaring female vocals and inescapable melodies, Electron Love Theory has won fans worldwide while being compared to such luminaries as Dido, Portishead, Morcheeba, Zero 7, Massive Attack, Everything But The Girl, and Frou Frou.

In 2000, artistdirect.com named Electron Love Theory "Best Independent Electronic Artist in the World" for the music on the self-titled debut album. That disc rhythmically integrates original interviews with real people—a blind man, a heroin addict, a Buddhist mystic—into long form electronic compositions. Since that time, the Theory has landed more than 200 placements in film, tv and multimedia, (including MTV, VH1, Motorola, James Bond promos, HBO, Scrubs, and many others), completed various remix projects, and produced a number of local Seattle indie artists.

With a degree in "creative writing with perspectives from philosophy, religion and psychology", songwriter/producer Jeff Leisawitz is no stranger to the depths and shadows of the human experience. Combined with years of professional listening as a music journalist and an undying love for melody and inner exploration, Colors of the Galaxy ignites listeners with a unique sound that stirs the soul from the very first spin.

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