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Open Eyes (EP) CD Cover
Image Bebek Music 2006

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Lynn and Nick
Lynn and Nick Michalopoulos
Image Bebek Music 2006

(16 April 2006) Bebek is a rapidly emerging band from Philadelphia, PA. Since the release of their debut self-titled release a year ago, the band has secured a significant worldwide following. They have played many of the most popular venues in the Philadelphia, PA area and this has contributed to their growing success. Bebek's identity continues to develop in their new EP Open Eyes.

Fronted by their stunning lead vocalist, Lynn Michalopoulos, the lineup is completed by her husband Nick (keys) and band members Adam Mizelle (bass) frank Vasile (guitar), Maxfield Gast (sax and ewi) and Mike Pietrusko (drums). We caught up with Nick and Lynn on the release of their new EP Open Eyes and discussed each of the songs on the recording.

Open Eyes has two notable improvements over their debut album. The recording and productionquality is substantially improved with Lynn's lead and harmony vocals mixed just perfectly, well above the instrumentals, which are also superbly and richly arranged. The photography is also notable. A stunning image on the back of the accompanying booklet is an example. The band's new photographer has finally captured the incredible physical characteristics of the artists, clearly understanding the importance of the female singer's image to the band's promotional efforts. Additonal photos from the session are presented our interview.

While several of the songs are improved arrangements of earlier versions on the band's self-titled debut album, the new recordings go a distance to explore a broader range and expressiveness in Lynn's vocal treatment as well as heavier guitar-based arrangements. The lush instrumentation has worked extremely well and certainly will attract additional listeners while offering current fans exclusive improvements in some of the band's best work.

The new songs continue to stretch the band's virtuousity and highlight Lynn's vocal dexterity. The crystal quality of her voice is evident in every track. And she has that unique ability to sing in a sexy and sultry voice while hitting high notes in a classical crossover style. The band are reported to be incredible in a live setting. Spanning rock, funk, jazz and R&B-oriented textures, the band attracts a wide audience. This new fantastic new EP serves as a meaningful waypoint on the journey to their next full length album.

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