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Sprit of Christmas Past EP Cover
Image Mostly Autumn Prod'ns 2005

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(26 November 2005) The Christmas single is a staple aspect of British Christmas celebrations, with huge amounts of money spent in the UK on betting upon which piece of seasonal music will be number one in the singles charts on December 25th. One single unlikely to inhabit this spot is Mostly Autumn's "Spirit of Christmas Past" EP (Mostly Autumn Productions (UK) AUT9333, 2005), though not for want of quality. Those that have seen the band live at one of their legendary Christmas concerts--either at the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge or at the Limelight club in Crewe--will agree about the warmth and humour at these shows. They are a band that revels in the joy and sentimentality of the Festive Season.

This brand new EP brings together two new pieces of music, with three well-known Christmas songs. The simple, tasteful packaging, designed by Chris Walkden, doubles as a Christmas card--a nice touch. The first song in Bryan Josh's "Spirits of Christmas Past," not a rehash of "The Spirit of Autumn Past" thankfully, but a brand new song with lyrics structured like a modern day Christmas carol. Bryan's lead vocal leaves a little to be desired, but it's a good, up-tempo song. Next up is the real highlight--Heather Findlay's "Winter is King," a stunning return to the bands Celtic-influenced sound. This features a mass of acoustic guitars, Celtic percussion and some beautiful playing from both Angela Gordon on flute and Troy Donockley on penny whistle. Just like the recent Storms Over Still Water album (review), the influence of Julianne Regan is evident in Heather's melody line and lead vocal.

Slade's perennial "Merry Christmas Everybody" features Liam Davison's legendary Noddy Holder impersonation, while "Fairytale of New York" wanders disappointingly close to impersonation of the Pogue's classic, when the band might have stamped their own character on the piece. "Silent Night," featuring Heather's warm, rich vibrato, is a delight, with a little surprise from Bryan at the end. Over all, though the production could certainly have been improved upon, this is a fine addition to both the band's output and the catalogue of great Christmas singles.--Stephen Lambe in Cheltenham, England

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