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Superbeautifulmonster CD Cover
Image © Bodog Music 2005

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Interview and Photos 2005


(16 October 2005) Canadian rocker Bif Naked has been a staple in Canadian rock fans CD players since the mid-nineties. In the late nineties she broke through to United States' audiences with her highly successful sophomore album, I Bificus, released by Atlantic Records to critical acclaim. Bif toured with the Snocore tour alongside some of rock's most successful acts, has found herself hosting MTV shows more than a few times, her video for "Moment of Weakness" made the regular video rotation list, and the world seemed as if it were at her feet.

Changes at Atlantic Records found Ms. Naked stalled in America and was eventually freed from her contract. If there is one thing Bif Naked is though, it's driven. She re-emerged with Purge (released in Canada nearly a year before making a United States release), one of the most powerful rock albums ever released, to little fanfare and is now set to build a fire with her fourth album Superbeautifulmonster. We caught up with Bif Naked earlier this month and have captured the results in this exclusive interview.

That's not to say that Bif doesn’t explore uncharted waters on the album however. Her cover of Metallica's smash "Nothing Else Matters" rivals the original combining equal parts beauty and unsettling eeriness. Her voice sounds as if it’s floating on the music with an innocent, girlish charm that few rockers could pull off so effortlessly.

The mainstream radio friendly "Henry" is one of the most surprising moments on Superbeautifulmonster. The song has a rolling vibe to it, with a few country-tinged pieces that are certainly new to Ms. Naked's reptoire. The epic "After a While" that ends the album is an emotional roller coaster of both self-deprecation and victory and takes the album out in a very intimate and revealing way lyrically.

The album is undoubtedly the most complete album Bif Naked has released to date. While it blends elements of her previous releases together, a more mature Bif, both musically and lyrically, springs forth from it and that only enhances the total experience. This is a great record that will unquestionably appeal to rockers everywhere. Canada’s best kept secret is out.--Mark Fisher in West Virginia

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