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Tara MacLean Silence CD Cover
Image Nettwerk Productions 1996 

(01 April 2000) Tara McLean's debut album Silence (Nettwerk (Canada) 0 6700 30106 2 7, 1996) was recorded when the artist was in her early 20s. Like her most recent release (review), the album is comprised of adult alternative vocally-laced tracks featuring the sensitive and evocative work of this very attractive young woman.

Electronic and conventional instrumentation are used to back tracks of varying styles. "Evidence" is a pop-oriented dance beat track with sensitive soaring vocals mixed well above electronic instrumentation. A slide guitar part on "Let Her Feel The Rain" elicits a slight country atmosphere in anotherwise folky rock track with sensitive whispy vocals. "That's Me" and "More" are two of the album's lovely ballads where Tara MacLean clearly shines. "Silence" is a blues track sensuously sung evocative track with vocals soaring above everso light instrumentation.

A sultry coffee house jazz atmosphere is the backdrop for the almost spoken vocal track "Red." Tara's soaring vocals are spine-tingling and completely illustrative of the power and range of this stunning artist. "Holy Tears," "For You" and "In The Wings" are among the most sensitive of the album's ballads sung with only the lighest instrumentation. "If You Could" picks up the pace everso slightly with even sweeter vocals and a lovely melody certain to please a wide ranging audience. The album's final listed track is a lovely acoustic version of "Let Her Feel The Rain." A bonus track that follows contains a string-based instrumental of the same song.

Tara McLean's debut album is lighter and softer than her followup, featuring a vast collection of sensuous and heartfelt ballads. The package contains a lovely booklet with complete lyrics, production credits and photographs of the artist. You can listen to soundbites, read other reviews and order the album from amazon.com here. Worth further exploration and a journey, the album is a very nice listen!

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