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Prototype CD Cover
Image Sepiamusic 2003

Erin E. Chapman
Erin E Chapman (lead vocals)
Image Sepiamusic 2003

(17 April 2005) Electro-acoustic duo Sepiamusic are bound to garner numerous fans with the release of their full-length debut entitled Prototype (Sepiamusic (Denmark), 2003) American singer Erin Chapman and Danish producer/songwriter Michael Adler Miltersen have combined forces to create a highly listenable album full of seductive, late-night, iridescent grooves.

Like the music of Delerium or Balligomingo, Sepiamusic walk the line between dreamworld etherealism and solid pop agreeability. After meeting in 1999, Erin and Michael released a demo track "Fall Into Me" on Danish national Radio's P3. Subsequently, Sepiamusic scored two #1 hits on garageband.com. Work on a full-length album began, and the duo began fine-tuning their live show. After being warmly received by critics and fans in Denmark, Sepiamusic look poised to repeat their success worldwide.

Prototype's ten tracks are rich in variety and range from Dido-esque chillout numbers to more hard-hitting rockers. Throughout, however, the album remains consistently enganging. This is largely attributable to Michael's strong songwriting skills, Erin's accessible and pleasing voice, and quality production values.

Fans of Brit trip-hoppers "Lamb" will adore "Sweet Pollution," which features banging percussion, William Orbit-influenced synth blurbs and lush guitar and string accompaniment. The surprisingly funky and jazz-tinged "Heart Debris" show the diversity of Sepiamusic's style. Although it starts with kickin' upright bass jazz fingering, the song metamorphosizes into a breezy electronic trip that sounds a bit like Fleetwood Mac with a touch of Madonna thrown in.

The enchanting and heavenly "Stone" may be the best song on the album as Erin laments over a bed of lush electro pads, panning synth harp strings and deep moog rips. This track will certainly appeal to Balligomingo devotees. In similar fashion, "My Empathy" is a mid-tempo winner that conjures images of a laid-back night drive through a big city.

"Ease Me" is a sweet and contemplative downtempo track that relies upon pleasing acoustic guitar strums and soothing loops. The James Bond vibe of "Fall Into Me" is instantly appealing with its wry chord progression and adventurous imagery. The standout track "Static" again moves the album into lush electronic territory as layers of arp synths and string textures create a relaxing but provactive soundscape.

With the clear success of female-vocal ethereal/ambient acts like Delerium, Harland, and Lunascape, Sepiamusic will, no doubt, find fertile ground for their album to bloom in. With Erin's engaging voice and Michael's lush audio panoramics, Sepiamusic deserve the acclaim that they have received thus far and to be heard by a wider audience.--Justin Elswick in Provo, Utah

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