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(22 Octobwer 2004) Legend: A Knight's Opera (Sparkyl Records (USA) LS1108, 2004) Lori Schneider (USA) is a medieval rock opera written, produced and arranged by Lori Schneider. This work blends progressive rock, medieval, classical folk and world music. The album took three years to create and was originally developed as a conceptual composition, meant to be played in itsentirety, even though it is divided into twenty-twotracks.

Lori has performed over the years in NYC nightclubs, exploring different music genres including rock, jazz and blues. She was a founding member of a female rock/pop duo called Crystal Rose in the early 90's. She expanded her talents as a songwriter and classically trained pianist and built up her expertise instrumentally on guitar, flute and keyboards. Crystal Rose performed over a ten year period and released two albums along the way. Lori also had the honor of singing the national anthem at Shea Stadium for the past five years.

In addition to her musical talents, Lori has college degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, and graduated with honors as Valedictorian. She continues to study classical piano and teaches music full time in between gigs and composing her music.

Lori said, "This entire opera began with a dream I had." This innovative achievement tells a story of a Frenchman from the courtship of Burgundy in the 1400's named Treseblu. He grew to be a noble prince and great warrior, but was pursued by Cordahan, Dark Lord and ruler of Spain. After a war developed, the conflict resulted in Treseblu's death. The people of Burgundy were all grief-stricken at this great loss.

In addition to Lori performing vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar and flute, three other musicians contributed to this poignant work: Joe Cesare on electric bass, electric/acoustic guitar as well as vocals, Anthony Zammit on electric guitar, and Toro Gianchino on drums and percussion. These musicians also co-arranged the opera along with Lori.

The moving lyrics and ethereal music marry beautifully in telling this imaginative story. The remarkable music, filled with classical melodies with a strong progressive edge, transports the listener back to a magical time.

It is evident that Lori has put her heart and soul into this stunning work. Her lovely vocals are filled with emotion and sensitivity, making her efforts a captivating experience.

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