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Mistress CD Cover
Image © Universal Music (NL) 2004  

(26 September 2004) Dutch classical-contemporary crossover songstress, Petra Berger, soars to the heights with her second album, Mistress (Universal Music (NL) 0602498080597, 2004). Her exquisite soprano voice enraptures the listener with beautiful classical and pop renditions. Enthusiasts of Laura Turner (feature), Sarah Brightman (Harem review) and Emma Shapplin (Etterna review), Izzy (Cooper) (New Dawn review) and similar artists are certain to be delighted with this album.

Petra chose thirteen famous women as the source of her inspiration. The album tells a story of the mistress, the scorned wife and the cheating husband. The roles are personified by famous women and her singing/storytelling brings about the emotions of despair, sadness, love, humiliation, jealousy and revenge. The power of her beautiful voice brings a new meaning to an angelic aria.

Petra adds to the ambiance of her story by singing in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Each of these languages helps to transform the music from a delicate tale to a robust masterpiece. The musical arrangements by her husband, Jeroen Englebert, and Pim Koopman make this album truly outstanding, in addition to the gorgeous performance by the remarkable Petra.

Each song is a standout, all unified by the central theme. Her range is extensive, and with outstanding clarity, she brings great joy in her dazzling classical and contemporary musical interpretations. From the contemporary "What He Means To Me" to the radiant classical aria in "Passion" adapted from ‘Rêverie’ by Debussy and title track, "Mistress", adapted from "Adagietto" in Mahler's Fifth Symphony, Petra charms and beguiles the listener.

Her innovative style, blended with her romantic, pure and emotional vocals, creates an album with powerful musical style. Her soaring operatic style crescendos into a true success.

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