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Fire Within EP Cover
Image Century Media 2004
Spinefarm Records 2004

(11 September 2004) Finland's melodic metal band Lullacry are back with an five track EP certain to enthrall their already loyal following and expand it to new listeners. While known to many as a hard rocking band, the EP offers sharp contrasts with gentler numbers included as well. Tonja's vocals soar above richly- and well-produced guitar-based arrangements.

Our review of Lullacry's previous full length album Crucify My Heart and interview with Tonja drew significant hits from visitors whe originally published in April 2003. Sixteen months later the band have returned with "Fire Within" to accompany their United States tour with the Finnish supergroup Nightwish.

The title track is a rousing hard rocking number showing off not only the guitar chops and rhythm section of the band, but Tonja's power and versatility. The EP continues with another powerful number entitled "L.O.V.E. Machine," that presses on in the same vein. The pace then drops with the evocative, tribal reprise of "Be My God." Tonja's soaring voice rises above layers of harmony in the chorus and dominates the solo sung verses.

"The #1 Rebel" is a fabulous pop song with layers of vocals blending perfectly with rich guitar arrangements and almost spoken portions of the track building tension before the song releases in the chorus backed with lush keyboard washes. The EP concludes with the stunning and everso gentle Madonna-esque ballad "Crucify My Heart Pt. II." Tonja's voice is absolutely at its finest.

Lullacry have continued to develop their sound and refine it further in the months following their last full length album. Reports of their recent tour indicate that the live show is equally stunning. We can't wait to hear more from this dynamic band.

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