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Conform CD Cover
Image © SirLady Records 2004 

(11 September 2004) Conform (SirLady Records (USA) 2004) is the rock debut album for current New Yorker Indie artist, Kirsten Dehaan. Her music is a conglomerate of styles including blues, latin, jazz and classical, that culminates to create her own unique sound. With her voice and style likened to Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, this singer/songwriter has come up with a sure winner.

The album has been described as the "quintessential" rock album, capturing varied human emotions combined into a unique sound. "As the title of the album indicates - we all tend to 'conform' to what's around us and sometimes loose our individuality in the process ... I express individual words like liberation, motivation, desperation, etc. and stir all these emotions up into one poignant melody to capture their importance," according to Kirsten.

Opening with "The Money Sinner," she expresses her views while delving into the topic of conformity via mass consumption. Her rocky and edgy sound capture the listener. Her sultry and breathy tones continue in "Floating." She shows diversity in her melodic interludes, as "Push" and "Breakthrough" have a tender quality, capturing different feelings and emotions.

Each song seems to have a standout value, with its varied rhythms and vocal beauty. Kirsten seems to raise the bar with each song, and the result is one of excitement and wanting more. This ten track album has a distinctive sound and Kirsten's talents shine through.

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