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While this website has become known for its in-depth album and concert reviews, the digest contains concise comments on new music our audience has either recommended or might enjoy. Click on album covers or label names for links to further information. Click on the title to view the article.

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Auralgasms' Beat Of Discontent
Image Auralgasms 2004

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24 Gone
Au Revoir Borealis
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Violet Indiana
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Emm Gryner
Ari Hest
Mark Gardener
Twilight Babies
Daughter Darling
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Hungry Lucy
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(19 August 2004) The folks at www.auralgasms.com have recently released an exceptional compilation album entitled The Beat of Discontent (Auralgasms (USA) 2004) which features some of the websites' favorite artists. Auralgasms is "devoted to the discovery of new and under-appreciated artists." Like Musical Discoveries, Auralgasms seeks to promote emerging bands and artists that are noteworthy, but whom the industry may not be aware of.

In fact, The Beat of Discontent includes songs by several artists that have been reviwed and featured here at Musical Discoveries including Kristy Thirsk, Daughter Darling, and Hungry Lucy. The Auralgasms team have done a wonderful job of selecting a group of artists from variety of genres ranging from electronica to folk.

Some of our favorites are reviewed below. Au Revoir Borealis' "Waldorf Theft Song," which is a melange of 80's Brit-moodiness, modern electronic washes and Cocteau Twins acoustica. Great music for a late night drive to the ocean. "Run Away" by Kristy Thirsk. Many Musical Discoveries readers will be familiar with the work of Canada's angel voice, Kristy Thirsk who fronted the now-defunct band Rose Chronicles and whose voice shaped Delerium's sound. The catchy and melodic "Runaway" is probably the strongest track from Kristy's solo album "Souvenir."

The slow-like-honey sound of Violet Indiana is well-represented by the track "Busted." Violet Indiana is Cocteau Twins co-founder, Robin Guthrie and ex-Mono frontwoman, Siobhan de Mare. Together, the two create lush melodies that would sit comfortably in a Twin Peaks episode. Anabret's sound is both uplifting and dreamy. Hailing from Seattle, their sound might best be described as a synthesis of U2, Alan Parson's Project and Coldplay--mellow, but meaningful, Anabret are definitely worth a listen.

The diminutive but feisty candaian Emm Gryner is also featured on the compilation. The instantly catch "Symphonic" is a perfect pop song from her album Asianblue. A rippingly hooky verse and harmonically rich chorus compel repeated listens. Daughter Darling's "Broken Bridge" is a terrific piano/trip-hop fusion creation. Garnering wide acclaim for being innovators of a new and more melodic trip-hop sound, Daughter Darling are just deserving of such praise.

Orange County's Trespassers William are an exceptional acoustic outfit whose shoegazing/folk vibe calls to mind the Cowboy Junkies or Mazzy Star. Let the sweet melancholic ambience of "Lie in the Sound" wash over you. "The Beat of Discontent" is a perfect way to become familiar with superb artists of whom you may not have yet heard. Highly recommended! You can order your copy at www.auralgasms.com.--Justin Elswick in Provo, UT and Russ Elliot in New York

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