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Sweet Revenge CD Cover
Image © Melissa Rapp 2004 

(01 July 2004) Contemporary folk artist, Melissa Rapp, presents her debut album, Sweet Revenge with great aplomb. This Hawaiian-born songstress brings enthusiasm to her music and lyrics. All the songs were written by Melissa with the exception of "Come Dream With Me" which was a collaboration with Laurie Haines.

Music has always been a part of her life growing up on Oahu, and she pursued her music during her college career at Stanford. With these influences in her life, her music reflects her passions. Her vocals have a compassion and sincerity, which can also change to one of determination and intensity in the more pop/rock melodies she has written.

Her soulful renditions are reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan, but Melissa displays her own edgy style in her vocals. "Fragile" stands out in the track list with a breathy tenderness that touches the soul. Other tracks that take center stage include "Waimaolo Night," "The One You Remembered," "Don't Ask Me To Be Yours" and "Come Dream With Me."

There is a rawness and simplicity to her style. Yet, her tapestry of songs reflect images of relaxation and bring a soothing feel to the listener. This introduction to her musical talents on Sweet Revenge is a great start to her career.

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