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Dreaming In Romance Languages CD Cover
Image Vanguard Records 2004 

(21 March 2004) Boston-based folk-pop singer/songwriter Catie Curtis is back again with her new album, Dreaming in Romance Languages (Vanguard Records (USA) 2004). Likened to Sarah McLachlan, Curtis has a strong and gritty sound that distinguishes her from the crowd. Her songs have received substantial airplay exposure on shows such as Dawson's Creek and Chicago Hope. She has a devout fan base and her career seems to keep growing in a positive direction.

The eleven tracks continue to display her sensitive lyrics and folksy/pop melodies. The New Yorker has dubbed Curtis as a "folk-rock goddess" and that phrase describes her music aptly. "Saint Lucy" opens with a rocky sound, and Curtis'decisive vocals keep the interest. "Deliver Me," with its mellow guitar accompaniment, is a lyrically moving melody. Her distinguishable voice softly and soulfully approaches "Hold On," which tends to have a folk and sometimes country feel.

"The Night" is a deep, rich and insightful song, with poignant singing. Curtis demonstrates her range and sensitivity with this beautiful rendition. The pace changes again with the more upbeat "It's the Way You Are" and "The Trouble You Bring."

"Cross Over to Me" is another passionate tune with thoughtful words. Lovely guitar instrumentals complement "Life Goes On." The tunes start swinging again with "Red Light" and is playful melody. "Doctor" and "Dark Weather" finish out the album in the same fine style that has been displayed throughout.

Curtis is certainly a talented singer and songwriter. She shows sensitivity in her beautiful lyrics and passion in her musical performance. Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.com here. Learn more about the artist at her website. Dreaming in Romance Languages is an album that is heartfelt and rich in addition to showcasing her exceptional talent.--Audrey Elliot

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