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Precious Seconds CD Cover
Image GFT Cyclops 2004
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(16 May 2004) Precious Seconds (Cyclops (UK) CYCL 138, 2004) is the follow-up to Tr3nity's debut album The Cold Light Of Darkness. The band has been promoted by the Classic Rock Society and is certain to earn awards in Best Of The Year voting by the membership.

The 67 minute album is a progressive masterwork in every respect, and includes only five epic tracks ranging in time from 10:00 to 20:12! Precious Seconds, like the band's debut album, is a concept story album that seeks to demonstrate that we are only on this planet for a limited time, and encourages listeners to make the best of it while you have the opportunity.

The album features the stunning lead and backing (male) vocal work of Chris Campbell and tracks written by Paul Gath (keyboards) and Rob Davenport (bass, guitars). Campbell joins writing credits on "Livin' a Lie." The Tr3nity lineup is completed by Graham Lane (bass, fretless bass) and Rolf Smith (drums). Progressive arrangements include warm guitar excursions and orchestral keyboard textures. Campbell's evocative vocals exude confidence built from years of theatrical training.

"Livin' a Lie" features rich guitar and lush keyboard arrangements during the lengthy instrumental passages and an instrumental melange during the powerful vocal sections. Gath is to be congratulated for highlighting the individual parts--even drums--and not muddying one bit of the instrumental production.

"From Afar" (lyrics in the booklet however correspond to "Run Before You Walk") begins with a lovely piano part and Chris Campbell's vocal delivery is reminscent of a West End musical. Instrumentatals build--without washing out the vocals--with dueling guitar excursions and vast keyboard solos that remind the listener that this is a true progressive rock album. This combination of stunning theatrical vocal delivery and progressive rock sets Tr3nity apart from other acts in the genre.

The ballad "Run Before You Walk" (lyrics in the booklet however correspond to "From Afar") further develops the album including a lovely, accessible and memorable feel-good melody. Instrumentals are notably simpler with guitar and keyboard perfectly complimented by the band's rhythm section. The sweeping and extended instrumental bridge provides a melodic but progressive contrast between the lyrical passages.

The track "More Than I Deserve" begins immediately where the previous ballad leaves off. Vocals are sung in ballad style atop of a lovely piano melody with probably the most memorable hook--if a progressive recording is allowed to have one--of the album. As with other Tr3nity tracks, however, the progressive instrumentals build orchestrally with contrasting guitar excursions in contrast the song develops. The opening melody returns with a powerful guitar solo and then the final vocal passage as the track comes to a quiet yet dramatic close.

The album concludes with the over 20-minute epic "The Last Great Climb." Aside from the extended instrumental passage in the latter half of the piece featuring a dramatic keyboard solo, the track is dominated by Chris Campbell's soaring vocal excursions, and opens with the first of two choruses within the lyrical content. Powerful instrumentals underscore the vocal work throughout the number while extensive backing harmonies (especially in the concluding minutes of the track) and lush symphonic textures add colour to the sung parts. A masterpiece.

Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.com here. Tr3nity's Precious Seconds is a tremendous follow-up to their debut album and a progressive masterwork.

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