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Live At The Tralf 1 CD
Image Seconds Out 2003

Live At The Tralf 2 CD
Image Seconds Out 2003

(06 April 2003) Seconds Out - Live At The Tralf came into existance when Bobby Hillman, the soundman approached Matt Riddle after their show on 01 February 2002 and presented him with a CD that he burned from the board mix during their performance. After Riddle's prior experience with the recording of Envision's live performance there (review), he knew that it would be an excellent mix to work with.

Seconds Out is a classic Genesis tribute band. With Matt Riddle on keyboards, the band is also comprised of Robbie Cooper (lead vocals), Joe Mombrea (guitar, vocals), Rob Thurman (drums, vocals) and Ian Cattell (bass, vocals). The first CD of the set includes nine tracks while the second includes the remaining four. Vocal work, instrumental arrangements, production and recording are all excellent, especially for the band's first live performance. Their representation of Genesis' material is outstanding.

Matt Riddle informs us that he has not left Envision and that the band are making excellent progress on an all original recording featuring the songs and voice of Melissa Riddle. Matt is responsible for the arrangements and keyboard work while guest appearances from Seconds Out performers and symphony players that performed with Yes in 2001 will also be included. We are anxious to hear the project and will inform visitors as soon as we obtain a review copy.

About Seconds Out - Live At The Tralf, Matt told us, "When I finally listened to the Seconds Out board mix, I discovered a batch of solid performances combined with typical canned board mix sound." He continued, "Even though there was a decided lack of low end, it did seem quite a bit better than than the other board mixes I'd heard from our shows. I knew we sounded good in the room, thanks to Bobby's skill at the board. With ranks of bass bins and a beautiful sounding room everything sounded magic. Lots of punch and clarity."

So how did this recording come to life? Matt told us, "After many hours of work on Sound Forge, adjusting the low end and adding a splash of reverb, the sound from that night at The Tralf began to emerge." What you'll hear on these two CDs is the result of only four rehearsals and othe band's very first live performance. There are a few loose ends here and there, but the material exhibits a lot of energy that can only occur from such a performance. The material, as Matt comments is "the real deal, live and unretouched." We are sure that our visitors will enjoy it as much as we have.

Click on either of the CDs left to visit Envision's website. There you'll find further reviews, band biographies and photographs including poses with Yes members! Seconds Out Live at The Tralf two CD set is available directly from the band. Visit this website for further ordering information. You may also obtain other recordings by Envision there. Contact Matt Riddle to arrange payment or make payments through www.paypal.com. Like their Envision material, certainly worth a trans-Atlantic journey, especially in the run up to Envison's first studio recording of original material, these CDs are a must listen!

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