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Opposition CD Cover
Image Criteria Records 2003

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Emma Pook
Emma Pook (lead vocals)
Image Criteria Records 2003

Image Criteria Records 2003

(06 April 2003) Formed in February 2002, Confuzion is made up of five outstanding musicians performing high quality rock-based music with a unique sound. Using a range of moods, textures and grooves, the band has an eight track debut album entitled Opposition (Criteria Records (UK) CRICD001, 2003). An accompanying single "Reasons" b/w "Dreamland (Edited Remix)" (Criteria Records (UK) CRICD002, 2003) has also been released.

The band is fronted by twenty-one year old Emma Pook, the youth and outstanding voice of Confuzion. Well trained professionally, she fronted several local Reading bands before joining Confuzion. Complimented for her vocal versatility, high energy and live performances, she's a natural extrovert and highly confident. Clearly Tracy Hitchings (feature) and Jasmine Rodgers (Boa-concert review) fans will be enthralled with her work. The band is also comprised of Pat Kohlhammer (guitar), Nick Wilson (keyboards), Dave Woodage (bass) and Nick Mylum (drums). Further information on--and photos of-the band members can be viewed at their website.

Confuzion's material is as diverse as their membership. Instrumental solos appear in almost every track. Listeners clearly won't be set in one direction with the album's opening rocker "Turn Out The Sun." Heavy guitar riffs, 70s-style keys and crisp percussion present an in-concert style arrangement as Emma's powerful Jasmine Rodgers-like (Boa)vocals take hold of the melody. High energy instrumental solos during the bridge demonstrate the band members' virtuousity. But the mood quickly changes in the ballad opening of "Too Much Too Soon." A highly accessible hooking rock tune emerges with layered vocal harmonies and high energy guitar solos fill the bridge.

In addition to traditional rock, the band can also deliver progressive stylings. The stunning "18124" is clearly the album's standout. Shimmering guitar, lush keyboard and rhythm section are perfectly arranged providing the perfect foundation for Emma's soaring vocal melody. We especially enjoyed the solo work during the bridge. The band's debut single "Reasons" is a rock-edged ballad. Emma is backed by piano in the verse and the whole band in the chorus--multi-layered harmonies are well arranged to showcase Emmas voice.

"Dreamland" is the band's most progressive-edged piece. Lush hammond organ and extensive instrumental work underscore the power of Emma's soaring Tracy Hitchings-style vocals across vast tempo and mood changes. The hammond organ and guitar solos within the piece are well refined. The shorter remix included on the "Reasons" single is tighter than the album version. The funky "Corporate Whore" continues to demonstrate the band's virtuousity both in its styling and Emma's vocal work--with lots of attitude, this must be a great track to see and hear the band do on stage.

Hammond organ and rhythmic guitars provide a lush foundation for the "American Psycho" multi-tempo rocker. We especially liked the way Emma's vocals were mixed way above the instrumentals. The track's on-stage live sound includes ultra-crisp percussion demonstrating Nick's virtuousity. This live sound is even more prominent in "End Of The Day" which concludes the album, however, the mix is entirely different with guitar, keyboard and rhythm section taking over with Emma's vocal work almost taking back seat. With its tremendous solos, the number must be a spectacle to hear performed on stage.

Confuzion has recently rewritten a few of their songs with new, poingnant lyrics reflecting the mood of the music, ranging from technical rock to film soundtracks and dance. We understand that their live performances capture the very essence of the music with lighting, audio effects and a forthcoming multimedia backdrop to give a full show that incisively stimulates the senses.

Visit Confuzion's website for further information on the general availability of the Opposition album. We will advise visitors when it is available from other online outlets. While the band has a few rough edges that will smooth out over time, this album should be explored further--it's a very nice listen!

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