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Jylt Surrender CD Cover
Image Uglyman Music 2002

Sarah Howells (vocals)
Image Uglyman Music 2003

(11 March 2003) Jylt are by no means a new band nor have the band members ever had to put themselves through soul rendering auditions along with millions of other teenage wannabes. In fact they are probably as far away from the average young pop-group image as you can get. Jylt offer a powerful brand of intelligent rock, fuelled by ten years of experience together.

Jylt are Sarah Howells (vocals and guitar), Alex Cooper (guitar), Tim Ramsey (drums) and Nia George (bass). The 3-track single "Surrender" (Uglyman Music (UK), 2003) includes the title and two additional songs. Sarah's vocals vary between an Andrea Coor (The Corrs) and Jasmine Rodgers (Boa) style, depending on the track. The single was produced by Tim Wills.

"Surrender" is an upbeat rock track with lush guitars contrasted by evocative solo and rich harmony vocal layers. "Treading Water" recorded live at BBC Wales is an edgy alternative style track. Heartfelt vocal verses are contrasted by heavier style guitar-laden choruses with Sarah's emotive vocals rising above the instrumentals. This track is most representative of the Boa (review) sound. "Life Like A Dream" is a delightful, shimmering and sensitively sung ballad that serves to show the softer side of the band. Evocatively performed, it is delightful. We long for more.

The band began when Sarah and Nia were not much older than ten years old, compositing songs to keep themselves out of trouble. They soon spotted and approached Alex, a guitarist in their music class to come and join them, who promptly suggested his jamming partner and drummer Tim, should come and complete the band. So there they were - several name and image changes away from the Jylt we know today, but the band was born, and all in the West Wales town of Milford Haven.

Through constand gigging, Jylt's reputation soon grew on the local scene. Student 123 gave the band their first opportunity for (UK) national exposure. Hylt were voted and hailed as the top unsigned act on the Student123.com CD, which went out to over 100,000 students across the UK. A parallel promotional tour of the universities followed, sponsored by Student123 themselves. An immense new fanbase soon developed and with the money generated from the tour the band soon went into the studio.

The result, the single "Anon" gave the band their first taste of national rado, when Steve Lamacq picked up the Jylt baton from his session in Wales Colleges and tipped the band as Wales's new "Rock Talent"! At the same time, and with all this activity going on, Jylt were also named as BURBs Artist of the Month. Just prior to the band performing at Glasdonbury, Leeds based Uglyman music made the band to release their first single. Glasdonbury was a memorable time for the band, after going down well backstage, Jylt were the only band to play a total of seven gigs at the 2002 festival!

Read further reviews and obtain further information on the Jylt website. This band is certain to go the distance. Stay tuned to Musical Discoveries for further details.

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