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(30 June 2002) Jennifer Hershman, the singer who provided vocals for the song "Sweet Allure" on Balligomingo's debut album, Beneath the Surface, (review) has conjured up an enjoyable and sassy collection of six songs on her first E.P. entitled Knowingly Naive (Socom (Canada) MSCHPOO69, 1999).

Jennifer has been performing since the age of eight in numerous venues in Canada and the U.S. As an actress and vocalist, Ms. Hershman has had the opportunity to express herself creatively. Fans should note that Jennifer has dropped her personal name on Knowingly Naive and chosen, instead, to create music under the pseudonym, "Chic.P."

What is obvious from the outset is that Chic.P enjoys witticisms, sarcasm and paradoxes and incorporates these elements into her lyrics. For example, in the song "Dirty Mind," Chic.P chides, "when I'm feeling all used up and your looking through my garb, put your eyes back in your head, there's too much emphasis on sex." Another example of Chic.P's clever expression is found in the lyric "Thought about giving up on our species and your kind..."

Of all of the Balligomingo singers' solo projects, Chic.P's is probably most similar in sound to Beneath the Surface,incorporating electronic and dance elements. The opening track, "Dirty Mind" slams along with a trip-hop beat and swanky guitar rift. "Simple Pleasures" is a pleasant ballad-styled song backed by reverberating percussion. "Sparr" is a retro 80's-esque dance song that would raise the energy level in any nightclub. "I'm on a High" combines interesting electronic elements and a chorus that sounds as if the Go-Go's had contributed backing vocals. "Closet Intelligence" is a darker, guitar and synth driven number that is intriguing in mood. "Full of Emotion" is the club-friendly closing track that is both campy and entertaining at the same time.

Like Debbie Harry and Grace Jones, Chic.P clearly enjoys using her voice to express emotions ranging from sensuality to disdain, and does so with a healthy dose of "tongue-in-cheek"-ness.--Justin Elswick

While presently not available on many of the poplular online shops, the EP is available from Jennifer Hershman's website.

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