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Filippa Giordano Passioni
Image 2000 Sugar Music

Filippa Giordano Passioni
Image 2000 Sugar Music

(12 November 2000) The self-titled album by Filippa Giordano serves as a wonderful introduction to this exciting vocal talent (review). The artist's earlier album is entitled Passioni (Sugar Music (Italy) SGRD 77826, 1999). The lovely image of the artist shown to the left is from the inside of the booklet accompanying the compact disc while the one below it is from the cover.

While Passioni shares seven tracks with Giordano's self-titled project, it includes five unique to the release. We found Passioni to be more accessible, with more pop-oriented adult alternative tracks than classic arias. We were reminded of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion more than Sarah Brightman when listening to this extremely well-produced album.

As with the self-titled album, Passioni opens with the "Casta Diva" aria; it also shares "Vissi D'Arte," "Addio Del Passato," "Lost Boys Calling," "You Are The One," "Dissonanze" and "Maria" with her latest release. Several of the arrangements differ slightly, with those on Passioni being more pop-, or dance-oriented. The five tracks exclusive to Passioni include "Anyway," "Un Giorno in Piu'," "From A Distance," "Fly Me Away" and "By The Sea."

"Anyway" is an upbeat contemporary track sung mid range. A blend of rock and orchestral arrangements back Filippa singing in a Celine Dion style soaring gently in the song's choruses. The evocative ballad "Un Giornao in Piu'" is sung sensitively in Italian over a light guitar and orchestral arrangement and the high notes are especially reminiscent of Mariah Carey's work. The artist's sensuality is evident in the pop-oriented ballad "From A Distance." The crescendo within the song's chorus is a testament to Filippa's powerful and expansive voice. Certain to please a broad range of audiences, it is a stunning track.

Filippa's voice is perfectly supported by the rich orchestral arrangements in the sensitive ballad "Fly Me Away." Vocal excursions soar above instrumentals and pay tribute to the artist's virtuousity. Her range is accentuated in the anthem, "By The Sea (Maria)," where vocal passages soar above the stunning instrumental arrangements. We especially enjoyed the dynamic Passioni version of "Dissonanze." "By The Sea" is the English version of "Maria"; the latter being the Italian version of the same stunning and powerful anthem. A hidden 2:40 track consisting of a "By The Sea" / "Maria" instrumental begins at 5:08 after a blank spot following the conclusion of "Maria."

At this time Passioni is only available outside Europe as an import. With five highly accessible tracks and alternative arrangements to some of the pop-oriented tracks on her self-titled album, we think that Passioni should form a part of any serious enthusiast's Filippa Giordano collection. Certainly worth a trans-Atlantic journey, it is as good as or perhaps better than the artist's self-titled album. We think that Filippa Giordano's Passioni is absoultely a must listen!

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