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Soleil Moon World's Apart
Image © 2000 MFO Records 

(31 July 2000) Larry King and John Blasucci have joined forces to become Soleil Moon. Through Worlds Apart (MFO Records (USA) MFO-0818, 2000) the band's first album blends singer Larry King's epic rock instincts with Blasucci's sleek-flavored approach. "We are completely and utterly opposite, but together we created this sophisticated form of contemporary music."

To contribute to their sound, Soleil Moon enlisted world-class musicians Warren Hill (sax), Michael Thompson and Paul Jackson Jr (guitar), Ricky Peterson (keys), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion) and the London Symphony Orchestra. "These major players helped make the record come alive," says Larry.

Worlds Apart begins with "Willingly," a soft ballad about love's eternal devotion. "Never Say Goodbye" is an uptempo track about taking care of the planet and, with a catchy tune and beat, you can do nothing but sing along. "I Need You Close To Me," a soulful waltz contrasts with "Ohio," a powerful meaningful song and "Warm Summer Rain" which recants the sorrow and ultimate redemption of a father who sees in his young child the joy of life he once knew in his late wife.

Reflective love songs, "Worlds Apart," "I'd Die For You" and the passionate "You And Me" are easy listening with a strong sense of jazz, pop or both elements in the song. "Calling On The World," however, offers more pop than jazz while dealing with the issue of racism.

Soleil Moon shows their elegant neo style in "I Need You Close To Me" a ballad of true feelings with a smooth jazz background. "Love Me Like You Used To" was performed as a duet by Larry and John which really brings together what Soleil Moon are about and what they're like as a pair. The album closes with the orchestral piece "What Are You Dreaming" which will touch your heart and soul.

With each song written or co-written by Larry and John, they have really focused all of their style into Worlds Apart. You can hear soundbites from the album and order it from amazon.com here. A truly unique jazz/pop style has been used by the group in a form never achieved by any other artist. Worth a journey, the album is a very nice listen!—Deborah J Elliot

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