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Miles Away CD Cover
Image The Myth Of Red, Inc 2006

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Sasha Lazard
Sasha Lazard (lead vocals)
Image The Myth Of Red, Inc 2008


(03 October 2008) Four years following the release of her stunning debut crossover album The Myth of Red (review), Sasha Lazard expanded her repertoire with the release of a five track EP entitled Miles Away (The Myth Of Red (USA) SL001, 2006) on her own independent label. An accomplished soprano, Sasha received her vocal training at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. With an edgy sophistication and an artist's desire for freedom, Sasha eventually rebelled against the constraints of the tight-laced opera scene, and left behind her established career as a classical performer.

Sasha began collaborating with pop producer Frank Fitzpatrick and redefined her performance. She unveiled her new sound at top venues in New York and Los Angeles, and performed for over 8,000 people in Europe's largest nightclub, Club Privilege in Ibiza, Spain. Sasha received overwhelming acclaim from American and European club audiences and was soon asked to record the theme song to the film Princess Mononoke; the critically acclaimed, Holy Smoke, starring Kate Winslet; Modigliani, starring Andy Garcia; and most recently, the end credit song to Kettle of Fish starring Mathew Modine and Gina Gerson. Her alluring rendition of "Angeli" was featured in Victoria Secret's "Angel" campaign.

In 2006, Sasha recorded a duet album with soprano Shawna Stone entitled Siren for Manhattan Records/EMI. The album was produced by Peter Asher and Frank Fitzpatrick and was released on March 5, 2007. Sasha and Shawna appeared in March in a PBS special entitled Heavenly Voices.

Sasha is now at work on a follow up album to The Myth of Red, working with producers BLISS and collaborating again with Frank Fitzpatrick and David Tobocman. The Miles Away EP is a preliminary installment from this forthcoming album. The title track of Sasha's 2006 EP, "Miles Away," was chosen as the theme song for the Toronto Film Festival. Listeners will be entralled in the way classical voice and violin have been perfectly blended with world textures. Mixed by Bliss, the sound in the memorable tune is just tremendous.

Listen for Sasha's soaring crystalline lead and many multi-layered harmonies in her own rendition of the contemporary "All Through The Night" produced by Lazard's working team of David Schommer and Frank Fitzpatrick. Readers should note that this song was also recorded by Annie Haslam on her self-titled album released on Epic in 1989. Effectively processed vocal textures and instrumental arrangements contribute to this exclusive mix.

The crisp flute parts perfectly complements Sasha's crystalline voice in "Carnival," produced atop gentle percussion and the tender keyboard washes. Lovely vocal harmonies complete the arrangement of this evocative piece. The short "Marigold" aria clearly demonstrates that Sasha Lazard's classical roots in the club environments of Europe and America. The lead vocal part is perfectly supported by piano (Emily Olin) and cello (Dave Eggar) alone. Sasha's soaring vocalise in the bridge sounds instrumental!

The EP closes with a highly accessible crossover entitled "L'Amore," which serves as a perfect operatic world crossover to the album's opening title track. Sasha's lead vocal is sung in Italian, perfectly suiting the operatic feel that her producers desired. Additional vocal layers create depth and contrast.

Sasha Lazard continues to develop her talent while demonstrating the results of her craft in this stunning EP release. Her contributions to the Siren album with Shauna Stone is equally superb. Follow the link above to the review. Stand by for Sasha's next solo installment. Bravo!

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