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Tammy Trent Set You Free CD Cover
Image © 2000 Sparrow Records 

(27 May 2000) Tammy Trent, with her empassioned spirit for the Lord, shares her fire for music in Set You Free (SPC/D 1732, 2000), her first release on Sparrow Records (USA). Like many other secular artists, Trent grew up around the Church. Following her mother by travelling to churches, women's conferences, nursing homes, and prisons, Trent learned that "Christian music was a very powerful thing, full of hope and a huge source of strength." This latest 9-track album was produced by Michael Linney but includes two tracks produced by Mark Hammond. The album's executive producer was Grant Cunningham. The music on the album is best categorised as pop.

Seeing Amy Grant in concert gave Tammy an urge that pushed a dream forward. "She was affecting my life so much, I thought it would be awesome if I could inspire a little girl someday just like she did me," Tammy recalls. From then on, she knew her dream was music.

Set You Free has not only upbeat tunes, but ballads too. Tammy Trent sings under Gospel influence, but her music incorporates R&B and pop as well. "My Irreplaceable," "I Do Believe," "If You Need Love," "Everybody Move With It" and "He's Right There" are all upbeat songs but each has a different musical influence. "He's Right There" brings out a strong R&B influence. "Everybody Move WIth It" uses a pop influence with rap vocals by DjMaj. These tunes really show that she is excited to perform with her zest for life while spreading God's word.

Trent easily switches gears and channels that energy into a quiet reverance with ballads like "Light of Love" and "Your Love Pursues." "Light of Love" is a song about the importance about being a reflection of the Lord. "That song is a prayer for me me that speaks so true to my heart about simply being a reflection of God in all I do," says Trent. On "Your Love Pursues," she addresses the miracale of God's love and forgiveness and its awesome magnitute. "How God's love pursues us is an amazing thing," says Trent.

"Without You" and "Trusting You" really bring out the Gospel influence in Tammy Trent's music. She shows through an upbeat ballad that she is true to Jesus and she needs direction in her life. "I see myself growing closer to more of an image of Christ."

It's imperative to Tammy that she record only songs that speak truth that she can both relate to herself and others. She takes her responsibility as a conduit for God's love seriously and hopes to continue growing and reaching more and more people as she stretches as an artist in future years.

This latest album from Tammy Trent can be further explored at her website or at Sparrow's excellent website. You can read further reviews, hear soundbites and order the album at amazon.com (link will be provided) from June 20. Certainly worthy of further exploration, the album is a nice listen! —Deborah J. Elliot

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