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Annyland - She Walks In CD Cover
Image © 1995 AsFab Music Co 

(27 May 2000) The only album from Annyland released to date is entitled She Walks In (AsFab Music (USA) AM2700, 1995). Fronted by singer guitar-player songwriter Anny Celsi, the band also includes Tim Lindholm (drums and percussion), Bruce Kaplan (guitar), Steve Janowski (bass) and backing vocalist Cindy Jones. The band is currently based in Los Angeles. The music on the album is highly accessible with relatively short tracks spanning blues, R&B, hearfelt ballads and new wave rock'n'roll. Although released five years ago, the album has a timeless quality. The music has a similarity to that of the Pretenders, but Anny Celsi's voice is more appealing than Chrissi Hynde.

Chris Manahl (MTV, LA) wrote, "To look at Anny Celsi and hear her sing, is to dream of riding off with her on a Harley in a whirlwind of romance and road dust." Continuing to describe the music, he wrote, "Celsi's come-hither voice and bluesy songs like, "Under Cover of the Rain," and "Drag the River" are played and sang with the life affirming energy of the world's best pop songs. ... On stage, she matches her Chrissie Hynde black leather pants with a knowing, enrapturing smile."

Steve Alcorn (Pasadena Weekly) wrote, "The CD rolls through one catchy number after another. From the straight ahead pop of "27" to "This House Won't Rock," an R&B-style romp fueled by the horns of Lee Thornburg and Greg Smith ... "Hole In The Sky" is a beautiful piece with piano and male chorus that swirls gently. It was at this point that I had decided that Annyland had locked up a damn-near perfect disc. Then "Kiss A Crocodile" rocked on -- what a stomp! Driven like a kid in a rental car on a dirt track, Chris' sax tears it up, along with the rest of the band, in another R&B styled thrill ride. Amazingly, the energy of Annyland's live shows has been translated to their disc."

The music on the Annyland album features stunning technical recording quality; vocals are mixed way up, never overpowered by the instrumentals, and the processing incorporated perfectly suits each of the song styles. We especially enjoyed Anny's soaring vocal excursions; her vocal dexterity is tremendous, whether sultry or sensual, the dynamic range and vocal energy will enthrall female vocals enthusiasts. The epic ballad "Drag The River" is emphatically sung and spans a significant portion of Anny's range and its instrumental riffs demonstrate the band's virtuosity.

Further information on Annyland and their album She Walks In is available at their website. The CD has been attractively silkscreened to look like an Atlantic 7" single. You can find additional reviews, soundbites and order Annyland's album She Walks In from amazon.com here. The album contains some highly memorable tune and worthy of further exploration, it is a nice listen!

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