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Patricia Saravia - Ritmo de los Santos CD Cover
Image © 1998 Songosaurus Music 

(21 May 2000) The fifth album by Costa Rican recording artist Patricia Saravia is entitled Ritmo de los Santos (Song-O-Sau'rus (USA) 724783, 1999). Eleven Latin-rhythm tracks feature her stunning vocal work and lush jazz-inspired instrumentals. Patricia's four earlier albums include Caracol (1989), Atrapar un Instante (1991), Entre el Son y el Corazón (1992) and De Inga y de Mandinga (1996). Her latest album was selected by Luis Tamargo of Latin Beat magazine of Los Angeles as one of the ten best Latin American albums of 1999.

Patricia's main objective has been the performance of Peruvian music. She is considered by Peruvian journalists to be an artist with special quality and performance. She lives in San José de Costa Rica where she is currently workong on research about Central American and Caribean music. Patricia has won awards in Costa Rica for her musical work there. Her sixth album includes a brief anthology of Peruvian rhythms and some Latin American tunes; it is due to be released later this year.

The music on Ritmo de los Santos is earthy and rhythmic, with lush production and lovely vocal passages. It is most akin to jazz in its texture with guitars balancing other instruments and never overpowering the vocals. Some of the tracks are dance-oriented.

In Offbeat, Joseph Irrera wrote, "Not only a compelling vocalist, Saravia composed the jazz-tinged selection "Asucenes" and the title cut of Ritmo De Los Santos. Backed by Ruben Blades' current ensemble and members of Costa Rica's National Sypmphony, along with vocalist Fidel Gamboa (one of Costa Rica's most prominent musicians), Saravia is an excellent introduction for thos music lovers in search of the indigenous and creole sounds of Peru. Seemingly related to the precussion-oriented music of Brazil and Cuba, Afro-Peruvian songs provide the accompaniment for the country's three main dance forms' the lando, samba maleato and the alcatraz. Patricia Saravia provides the invitation: 'Come to me if you dare ... come because to dance with me, determination you've gotta have."

Readers that are interested in expanding their horizons are encouraged to explore Patricia Saravia's latest album. Her stunning (Spanish) vocals are backed by Latin and/or jazz textures to produce a lovely and sound. You can find additional reviews, soundbites and order Patricia Saravia's album Ritmos de los Santos from amazon.com here. We enjoyed listening to the album and learning about this different style of music. A very relaxing listen!

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