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Jennifer Marks - My Name's Not Red CD Cover
Image © 1998 Sweet Sound Music 

(21 May 2000) The second album from New York-based singer / songwriter Jennifer Marks is comprised of fourteen relatively short alternative pop tracks. Entitled My Name's Not Red (Red Kurl Records (USA) RK 000-2, 2000) the album is the followup to the artist's debut album from 1998, Pizza. Described as having lyrics ranging from edgy to humourous, her honesty and integrity separate her from the rest of woman's pop music and place her in a league of her own. Influenced by The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, REM, Prince and Elivis Costello, she is similar in sound to Aimee Mann, Sarah McLachlan and Fiona Apple. Further information is available at the artist's website and an extensive range of downloadable music is available at her mp3.com website.

The songs on Jennifer's album are sung evocatively and the heartfelt delivery comes through in each one. The albums' ethereal tunes mix contemporary electronic instrumentation with soaring vocalise and whispy lyrical segments ("Window" and "Dreamill"). The swinging tempo of "Halo" is perfectly complimented by the instrumental arrangement and male harmony vocal.

Alternative pop tunes vary tempo betweeen slow and upbeat and include heartfelt lyrical segments ("Thick," "I Can't Love You" and the highly memorable 60s sound of "High School Reunion"). Jazzy undertones of the title track are complimented by Jennifer's unique vocal treatment. The vocal raunchiness of "Turn Away" is contrasted by a rich instrumental arrangement; soft harmony vocals are especially notable. The quirky sound of "I'm Getting Old" is achieved with experimental vocal harmonies and the combination of various instrumental—circus-like—themes.

Slower numbers include folk rock tunes like "Unpredictable" and "Fly" where Jennifer's lead vocals far outweight the supporting instrumentals. The album's ballads ("Fragile" and "I'll Try") drip with emotion and instrumentals support the moods developed with the vocal delivery. The album concludes with excellent lead and harmony vocals in the alternative structured ballad "Standing In Lines."

You can find additional reviews, soundbites and order Jennifer Marks' album My Name's Not Red from amazon.com here. The album contains some highly memorable moments and is worth further exploration. Many of our readers will find the album is a nice listen!

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