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Kiss & Fly EP
Image Kiss & Fly 2006 

(30 December 2006) Kiss and Fly is an open musical project, fruit of the French collaboration between Tristan (author, compser, arranger) and varied artists, authors, singers, joined together to create skin deep emotional music. The meeting point of refined melancolic trip-hop, pop and subtle soundtrack ambiance emerges. Stunning female vocals glide above the ambient sounding electronic arrangements in this 18-minute, four-track EP (KIS01, 2006).

Tristan's vocalist(s) are most reminscent of early Chandeen. The EP opens with the track "Strange Mood." Rhythmic arrangements give way to soaring vocals and the gentle lyrical delivery of a male singer before the gorgeous female vocals enter the song with the delivery of her English lyrics. Trip-hop beats and male vocals duel with the crystalline soprano throughout the track.

Extremely cinematic, theatrical and electronically layered, "My Darkest Dream" features a powerful female vocal lead with layers of harmony vocals that work very well atop the gentle arrangements. Echoes introduced through the layers are mixed perfectly. Although slow paced, the track has tremendous dynamics both in level and frequency.

The EP's third track is the powerfully performed electronica-styled "Fading Out." Ryhthmic textures underscore the lovely female vocal lead across the piece building tension in the verse before gently exploding in the very lush soundscape and vocal layers of the chorus.

"Overnight" is the extraordinary instrumental piece that concludes this installment from Kiss & Fly. The track is far more complex than those that precede it with classically influenced dark soundtrack-like string textures and piano introducing the work. The pace and orchestral depth pick up mid-track as the second movement begins, immediately evoking an image of the EP's artwork. A rhythmic passage with choir textures emits an element of brightness as the final movement brings the track and the EP to a dramatic close.

Kiss & Fly are gathering significant attention from enthusiasts worldwide from this EP as well as remixes provided to further promote the project. We are very anxious to hear a full album from thest artists.

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