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Troll CD Cover
Image Tabu Recordings 2005

Stine Mari Langstrand
Image Tabu Recordings 2005

(15 May 2005) Enthusiasts of Kari Rueslatten's voice and her music--both solo and with The 3rd and The Mortal--are certain to be drawn to the latest offering by Norway's gothic folk metal band Lumsk. The eight member band is fronted by the stunning vocal work of Stine Mari Langstrand (homepage) who was formerly with Eternal Silence.

The band's second full length album is entitled Troll (Tabu Records (Norway), 2005). The eight track collection was recorded and mixed at the Skansen Lydstudio in Trondheim. Mastering was done at Tailor Made Studios with Peter In De Betou (Dimmu Borgier, Enslaved and Susperia). The new album comes on the heels of their highly successful debut album from 2003 entitled Asmund Fraegdegjevar.

Troll is a more substantial production blending the work of musicians from different musical backgrounds and genres. A cross between the emerging folk gothic metal style with symphonic orchestrall progressive rock, the material is certain to interest a wide range of enthusiasts. In addition to the band's eight members, guest performers have been used throughout the production. A string quartet and guest vocal from Andreas Elvenes (The 3rd And The Mortal) are a couple of the highlighights. Brass players from Trondheim's jazz scene contribute trumpets and trombones. Stian Hovland Pederson (from the Theatre of Trondelag) reads dialogs, and the all female choir Embla provide vocal inputs and add texture to several tracks.

The all-Norwegian lyrics are written by Birger Sivertsen and his wife Kristin. Sivertsen has written several pieces that include Norwegian mythology, and this was the main reason that the band felt that a cooperation would push the album to a level of exceptional quality on all different levels. Sivertsen's eight pieces are based on old tales and include stories of mythological creatures and Norwegian folklore. Lumsk have told the story in a blend of gothic, folk and metal-edged tunes. It is a superb ablum.

Our editorial staff immediately fell in love with Stine Mari Langstrand's vocals and found the instrumental and further vocal arrangements brilliant. While many in English-speaking territories will only find this album available as an import, an English-lyric version would be more broadly appreciated and expand the ensemble's following substantially.

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