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House Of Red Self-Titled CD Cover
Image © 1999 House Of Red 

(12 February 2000) The self-titled debut album by New York City's House Of Red was made generally available during 1999. Self-produced with twelve stunning adult alternative vocally inspired tracks, the recording captures the talent, inspiration and energy of the members working together as a band and as individual artists. Production quality of the recording is tops and the artwork in the booklet accompanying the compact disc is first class.

House of Red is centered around a songwriting and production collaboration consisting of their singer Ann Marie, keyboardist Sasi Shalom and guitarist Ben Butler. The band also features Steve Hass on drums, Richard Hammond on Bass, Joey Cardello on percussion, and guest vocalist Katie Ostrow. House of Red's common vision is to create music which reflects the journey of the human experience. Through the use of poetic images, rich textures, explosive rhythms and evocative melodies, House of Red produces music that is both powerful and graceful, full of drama and intimacy. Be sure to visit the band's website for further biographical details and their mp3.com website for soundbites and further information.

The album's tracks include highly accessible almost pop numbers ("Falling Down," "Life," and "I Would Not Lie") with their layers of rich vocals. Slow moving heartfelt ballads ("Gently Free," "Us," "You Are My Love") sung almost solo with the lightest of acoustic instrumentation explore the reaches and sensitivity of Ann Marie's voice. "I Would Not Lie" is more richly instrumentally accompanied and the solo vocal parts give this memorable track more of a Broadway / West End Musical texture. The light yet instrumentally lush vocal track "Second Wind" is a lovely illustration of the band's integrated talents.

The whispery and bluesy "Slow Down" is reminscent of early Amy Grant while the alternative pop track "Sea Change" would be right at home within some of the most popular television series' soundscapes. The band's rocking title track features highly emotive vocals and lush instrumentation of equal depth. Celtic-pop crossover tracks include "I Would Not Lie" and "Life" which is certainly one of the most noticable tracks on the album, and with its stunning vocals and complimentary instrumentals, will attract a broad audience. An acoustic reprise of the track, with Ann Marie's vocals accompanied just by piano, concludes the album.

House Of Red performs primarily in New York city. Their album will soon be available directly from their website and in selected retail outlets. Certainly worth a long distance journey, House Of Red's self-titled debut album is a must listen!

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