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Tacye Lovefeast CD Cover
Image 1999 Radikal Records 

(08 April 2000) The debut album from Tacye is entitled I Don't Need A Gun (Radikal Records (USA) RAD 90002-2, 2000). Produced by Mike Bennett, the album is the first to actually be issued as a two-CD set, with one including an electronic mix and the other an acoustic mix of the same seventeen track titles. The unique concept actually works very well from both listening and marketing perspectives-a single album that will appeal to two distinctly different listening tastes with a common thread. The vocal work on both compact discs is stunning in every respect, with lush sensuality even surpassing the cover image. Soundbites are available at the artist's mp3.com and at Radikal Records websites. Further biographic information is available at the artist's official website.

Both CDs are technically superb with lush instrumental arrangements and incredible soaring vocals, reminscent at times of Kate Bush and at others of Enya and other well-known recording artists. Tacye has a stunning voice with power, range and style reflecting years of proper training.

The "Acoustica" CD is mixed lighter, with clear solo and multi-tracked vocals arranged without any sort of a club feel. But it is far from being completely acoustic in nature. Thoughtful instrumentation including piano, synthesizer, guitar and bass join crisp percussion to perfectly compliment the stunning and evocative lead vocal work. Songs work together to make a cohesive album, easy to absorb end-to-end without ever feeling repetition across the variety of tracks. The music is neither new age nor pop. It is a worldly mixture of adult alternative sounds that are certain to appeal a wide range of female vocal enthusiasts.

The "Electronica" CD has a definite club feel to it, with instrumental and vocal arrangements being far lusher, thumpier and more suitable to a dance atmosphere. Production quality is certainly tops clearly demonstrating that the recording wasn't just thrown together in a remix studio. The vocal arrangements and mix are impressive with equal clarity and levels as on the "Acoustica" CD. Tacye's lead vocals continue to soar well above the instrumentals with each element of the music complimenting each other effectively. What perhaps is the most stunning aspect of this unique two-CD set is the way that the artist and producer have been able to create two such different atmospheres from the same seventeen tracks.

Radikal has payed particular attention to the album's packaging and illustration with stunning sensual imagery accompanying the two compact discs right down to the artwork silkscreened on the individual CDs. Listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.com here. The "In My Dreams" maxi single contains "electronica," "acoustica" and two other remixes of the track. You can order it here. Tacye's debut album I Don't Need A Gun is one of the best new releases of 2000. Worth a cross-country journey, it is absolutely a must listen!

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