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Penny Framstad Self-Titled CD Cover
Image 1999 Penny Framstad 

(05 March 2000) The San Francisco Bay Area's Penny Framstad is an emerging singer songwriter of rare depth and sensitivity. She fronts a five-piece band and performs on guitar and piano. A self-titled ten-track digital audio music CD is currently available exclusively through her mp3.com website. Penny recently had several songs from the album in the mp3 Rock & Pop Radio charts. A west coast tour is planned to launch her indie release during the spring and summer of 2000. Framstad's songs have appeared on NBC's Providence and CBS' Jag.

Her album includes tracks co-written with Grammy Award Winning song writers Tom Whitlock and Jeffrey Cohen. "Even Angels Fall," co-written and sung by Jessica Riddle, appears in the Touchstone film 10 Things I Hate About You and is on the Hollywood Reords Soundtrack (order it from amazon.com here). Penny's own version, with it's lush production, accessibility and lovely instrumental arrangement opens her self-titled album. The album also includes co-writes with Kim Bullard, Steve Seskin, and Geoff Perlman (lead guitar, vocals). Craig Owen (bass), Dan Foltz (drums) and various other supporting musicians provide instrumentals and backing vocals on her album. The track "Anymore," a soft alternative rock with exceptional and building arrangements and percussive elements, was written by Penny alone.

With only light piano as accompaniment, Penny sings "People With My Last Name" and "Back For Me" both stunningly sensitive ballads and wonderful illustrations of the range and depth of Penny's vocal talent. The song "Making Deals With God" is a soft rock track that is sensually sung and supported with lush instrumentation. "The Best Day Of Your Life" and "If I Can Have It All" build from ballad into and richly arranged rock songs with soaring vocals and a notable electric guitar solos, perfect for inclusion in any one of the most popular television series' shows (Roswell for example). "Shadow Of The Sun" with lots of guitar and vocal effects adds to the texture of the album's harder rock tracks. It actually works quite well on its own and in contrast to the album's softer tunes.

The uptempo highly accessible almost-pop "Tomorrow's Happening Today" features wonderful vocal harmonies, lush keyboard backing and a chorus with a wonderful hook certain to please a broad range of audiences. The album closes with "Like A Moth To A Flame" performed much in the style of "People With My Last Name." If one were to open the album and the other to close it, they would be like bookends.

The instrumental arrangements of Penny Framstad's self-titled album add depth and texture to the expressive vocal elements and contribute to the overall sound. This debut is a lovely album and worthy of further exploration by adult alternative rock enthusiasts. Eight of the album's ten songs can be heard online at her mp3.com website. We're sure you will agree that it is a nice listen!

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