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September Self-Titled Demo CD Cover
Lisa, Sally, Lucille
Image © 2006 September

(12 February 2000) September is a Philadelphia based female trio consisting of Lisa "Blu" Warda (lead vocals and drums), Lucille Wurtz (guitar) and Sally Nero (bass). Paraphrasing from the biographical information provided to us, September is opening the ears, eyes and minds of many with their progressive blend of musical extremes. Diverse emotional and musical backgrounds are integrated into a force that attracts enthusiasts unexpectedly. The band aims to "make a mix of elegance and ferocity palpable." Empassioned vocals layered against guitars permeate the music. While September continue to evolve and mature as a solid songwriting team, raw simplicity and emotional honesty still lay the foundation for each song. The Philadelphia area has produced great bands including October Project, Grey Eye Glances and Second Story. With Lisa's vocals somewhat reminscent of Tracy Hitchings (Landmarq) and award winning live performances, September should find themselves in the company of these great Northeast bands.

The band's self-produced demo recording includes seven vocally-laced tracks accompanied by guitar, bass and drums exclusively. "Be Together" is a moderately paced progressive rock number with Lisa' soaring vocals balanced with offset by Lucille's lead electric guitar. The ballad "Dead Roses" slows down the pace and while lush electric guitar backs the vocals, a lovely acoustic guitar part has been added along with delicious backing vocals to the mix. The highly varied textures and rapid pace of "Voidhead" is certain to appeal to many audiences and Lisa's lead vocal especially in the chorus is most reminiscent of Tracy Hitchings here. Lyrically very strong, the lead vocals have been mixed way up on the slow and very serious ballad "You See Everything."

The most accessible track on the demo recording is "Wake Up," a sensitively sung rock number with soaring vocals and lush electric guitar. The ballad "Another Time," like "Dead Roses," incorporates an acoustic guitar part to tremendous effect broadening the band's sound. The track "River" concludes our demo recording. This somewhat lighter and sweeter track builds upon the group's ballads but actually has an edgy lullaby sound to it before it develops into full rock splendour. The song is vocally stunning.

September performs primarily in the Philadelphia area. Certainly worth further exploration, September's music should be listened to online—check it out at their website.

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