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Over The Rhine Good Dog Bad Dog CD Cover
Image © 2000 Narada Productions, Inc. 

(05 March 2000) Over The Rhine has released eight albums, beginning their 1990 debut Till We Have Faces, with an evolving style varying from the blistering rock numbers through almost-country, blues, and soft emotive ballads with the common elements being Karin Bergquist's stunning emotive and smooth vocals and Linford Detweiler's song writing and instrumental performances. The latest release by the band is a reissue of their fourth album (1996) Good Dog Bad Dog on Virgin Back Porch / Narada (USA) (Cat No 72438-48787-2-6, 2000). The 12-track digital remaster includes a previously unreleased song entitled "It's Never Quite What It Seems" but omits "A Gospel Number" and "Jack's Valentine" from the original pressing. Soundbites are available at the artists' and label's websites.

Whereas some of the band's earlier albums had rocking numbers, the Good Dog Bad Dog remaster is primarily a Karin Bergquist vocals album. As such it is full of soft ballads with emotive vocalisation and light instrumentation, primarily guitar and keyboard. Strings (cello and violin primarily) add to the texture of several songs ("Everyman's Daughter" and "Happy To Be So"), and especially in the instrumental "I Will Not Eat The Darkness." The album's most moving songs include "All I Need Is Everything," a soft rock tune with light percussion and a wonderful string arrangement, and the jazzy and bluesy "Faithfully Dangerous." The heartfelt soaring vocals in "The Seahorse" sung with only acoustic guitar are gorgeous. The tremendous acoustic guitar instrumental "Willoughby" demonstrates one of Ric Hordinski's talents. The previously unreleased track "It's Never Quite What It Seems" is another slow ballad sung softly and sensually with vocals soaring at times above the light guitar and piano instrumental arrangement.

Karin sings most comfortably mid-register and excursions upwards add to the vocal excitement of the album. Her voice is soft and sweet, highly evocative and sensual. A very bright talent, the other Over The Rhine recordings are equally recommended to alternative rock enthusiasts, however their Till We Have Faces and Eve albums are still considered the most exciting albums byt the band. Further information about this latest release is available at this Narada page.

You can order Over The Rhine's album Good Dog Bad Dog at amazon.com here. Over The Rhine's recordings are worth further exploration if for no other reason to hear Karin Bergquist sing. A tremendous vocal talent in all respects, this new album should be investigated. It is a very nice listen!

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