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Fisher One CD Cover
Image © 1999 Rawfish Records 

(20 February 2000) Fisher's debut release is entitled One (Rawfish Records (USA) FTRC1001). Fronted by the extremely attractive lead vocalist Kathy Fisher, who also sang the song "Breakable" on the Great Expectations soundtrack, the nine-track vocally intense recording also includes contributions by Ron Wasserman (production, programming, keys, bass, drums and backing vocals), John Adair (guitars), Cush (guitars and backing vocals), Shawn Jones (harmonica) and Jo Pusateri (drums). The majority of the writing was done by Fisher and RAW (Ron Wasserman) although one track was co-written with John Adair.

Fisher's music is highly accessible and pop oriented, highly vocally influenced with thick guitar and keyboard providing additional dimensions and texture. The album's opening track, "Any Way," has a highly memorable chorus with a strong hook, and the instrumental arrangements perfectly compliment the occasional multi-tracked vocal. "Never Say Never" is more choral in its vocal texture and dramatic in its arrangement while "The Life" builds a power pop texture with almost spoken vocal part, further melodic and highly layered sung vocals and a deeply textured and rich guitar arrangement.

"True North" and "I Will Love You" are a softly sung ballads, the former textured with guitar and light keyboard and the latter accompanied by piano alone. Here Fisher's emotional delivery is perfectly complimented by the softness, sensitivity and energy of her voice. "True North" has additional backing vocals layered with light instrumentation. The track "Had To" continues much in the same vein, opening almost a capella, yet building with powerful instrumentals and soaring vocals to a rocking crescendo—the entire range a testament to the artist's talent.

The track "Hello It's Me" combines jazz musings—piano, sax, snare drum and bass—and rock sensibilities with a high energy vocal part and memorable hook. "Every Time" is a dance-oriented pop number with lots of percussion, thick guitar and a highly memorable vocally multi-layered chorus—the vocal work and instrumental arrangements are highly notable. The slow moving and highly varied arrangements of "Six Hundred 66" conclude the album.

You should be able to order Fisher's One album at her website. Be sure to check out the soundbites at her www.mp3.com website. Fisher's One is an exciting debut and illustrative of a stunning artist with lots of potential. The songs should be sampled online and the album further explored by female vocal enthusiasts—a very nice listen!

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