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Garden Of Eden CD Cover
Image © 1999 Bum's Rush Records 

(20 February 2000) Her career to date includes comedy, singing and songwriting. Robin Greenspan's first album, entitled Gardener of Eden (Bum's Rush Records (USA) RGGOE 726, 1999) is comprised of eleven alternative rock tracks featuring the artist's stunning and highly accessible vocal style. She wrote all the music and lyrics and The Turtles' Andy Cahan did the keyboards, acoustic guitar, programming and co-produced the album.

Robin is known to audiences as a stand-up comic and an actress and has appeared on Comedy Central's Out There In Hollywood, Showtime's In Through The Door and has toured the US and Canada. Once the lead singer songwriter of her own band, Arms Akimbo, Gardener of Eden is Robin's debut solo album. Her critically acclaimed one-woman show Kickin' Hard played to sold-out houses at the HBO Workspace in Hollywood and featured some of the songs from the album as does the stage play Real Girls which she co-wrote and starred in with Lacie Harmon. Other critics have described Greenspan's music as "poetic," "provcative" and infectious" and her vocals as "a hybrid of a more classically trained Tori Amos and Natalie Merchant." While we agree with these comments, Robin's vocal work at times is reminiscent of Heart's Ann Wilson and Lana Lane (feature).

Lacie Harmon wrote, 'On Gardener of Eden the artist takes on many topics from original sin on the title track to an exploration of the mind of Janis Joplin on the haunting ballad, "Comfort".' The album opens with an alternative rock track, entitled "Lay It On The Line," lush with its instrumentals and striking with Robin's vocal work. The rocking ballad "Wierd Love" is sylistically most similar to those Lana Lane has sung, and Robin's powerful voice soars above the instrumentals. By contrast, "October" has a slight country edge, much like we've heard from Heart during their career. Vocally stunning, the production quality of the instrumentation on the track is also excellent. The jazziness of the piano sets the mood for "Measly Little Me" while vocal effects also add to the mood of the track. "Kickin' Hard" is an emotionally delivered, vocally soaring, ballad accompanied largely by piano with other supporting instrumentals.

The album's title track is a highly accessible rocking track with thick keyboards and lovely (at times multi-tracked) vocals created in a 10,000 Maniacs-style. "I'm Not Through" continues in a similar style with keyboard replaced by guitar and crisp percussion. "Comfort" and "Don't Let Nobody" have a jazzy beat and are sung more deeply, the former in a slightly spoken style, with thick guitars underscored by keyboards. Reminscent of some of Kate Bush's most dramatic work, the short track "Psychic Power Shack" has lovely vocals and crosses over between jazz (with its tremendous big band sounding instrumentals) and alternative rock textures—highly accessible with a nice hook, the track will please many female vocal enthusiasts. The album closes with the soaring vocal of jazz-influenced "Optimistic"; multi-tracked vocals provide a great effect as do the stunning instrumentals and highly notable guitar solo.

Be sure to visit Robin's mp3.com website. You can also hear soundbites of the tracks and order Robin Greenspan's Gardener of Eden at her website and even more at amazon.com. This is an album certain to please many female vocal enthusiasts and one worth a journey. Be sure to check out the soundbites online—a great listen!

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