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Time And The Maiden CD Cover
Image Metropolis Records 

(30 December 2001) Claire Voyant's album Time And The Maiden on Philadelphia label Metropolis Records (USA) (MET 196, 2001) is a recent reissue of the band's 1998 recording with three bonus tracks. Fronted by the stunning and wide-ranging vocalist Victoria Lloyd, Claire Voyant is also comprised of Chris Ross (keyboards, programming) and Benjamin Fargen (guitars and guitar loops). Further information on the band, soundbites, artist photographs and additional photographs are available at the band's website.

Claire Voyant combines powerful female vocals, hypnotic keyboards, and melodic guitar to embrace this power and deliver ethereal pop sensibility. From the gentle beginnings of the 1995 self-titled debut, to this dreamy and electronic second album, Claire Voyant has managed to please critics and fans alike.

Musical Discoveries' editors originally happened upon Claire Voyant on the Hyperium Records Heavenly Voices Part IV where their track "Her" from the band's debut self-titled album was featured. The sheer vocal energy of Victoria Lloyd is certain to draw the listener into the groove of Claire Voyant's sound. When her voice soars above the gothic-oriented electronic instrumentation and loops, shivers will be sent up the spine of even the most casual listener.

Although many of Claire Voyant's tunes are darker and more melancholy, symphonic-style keyboard arrangements, drum loops and layers of vocal harmonies work brighter textures into some of the track; "Everafter" and "Eventide" are typical examples of the contrast. The tenderly sung ballad "Bittersweet," with its lush electronic instrumentation, and the rhythmic "Blinking Tears" are two of the album's standouts.

The three remixes all feature expanded instrumental arrangements and substantially heavier processing of the vocal passages. With it's instrumental bottom end substantially enhanced, multi-tracked and processed vocals give "Bittersweet" an entirely different vibe. The album concludes with a gothic arrangement of "Instinct."

The follow-up to Claire Voyant's self-titled album is especially enjoyable with the bonus tracks included in this new edition. Listen to soundbites, read further reviews and order the album from amazon.com here. Victoria Lloyd's incredible vocal work with Claire Voyant is certainly worth a journey; this album is a must listen!

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