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Nature About You CD Cover
Image Shannon Weir 2001 

(05 October 2001) The seven-track debut album from Canadian singer songwriter Shannon Weir is entitled Nature About You (Socan (Canada) SHAN 002, 2001). The album is dominated by Shannon's voice; she also provides piano and organ and is joined by producer Ian McNally (guitar, mellotron, leslie organ), Andrea Bettger (violin), Alex McMaster (cello), Paul Passmore (bass) and Randy Cooke (drums). The album will almost certainly appeal to fans of Jennifer Nobel from Grey Eye Glances (review. Unlike most singer songwriter albums of the day, there is no multi-tracking; the listener is treated to Shannon's lead vocal exclusively.

Shannon's voice is sweet and crystalline; songs are sensually sung over light arrangements with vocals mixed way up. Gently rocking tunes compliment the ballads that form the majority of the album. "Beach" is a lovely ballad with an arrangement that builds as the song progresses featuring strings and electric guitar underscoring Shannon's soaring vocals. The softly rocking "Catch Me" is one of the most Grey Eye Glances-style tracks on the album with a catchy chorus.

"Imagine That" is a darker ballad with organ and light percussion providing a backdrop for the sensitively sung vocal line. Violin and cello are the main accompaniment for a lovely ballad "Lunar Eclipse" which effectively blends dark with bright spots to acoustically illustrate the song's lyrics; vocals are bright throughout, soaring above the arrangement. The soft rock tunes "Shannon Falls" and "Day and Age" are the album's standout tracks; guitar and piano provide a lovely texture for Shannon's sensitively sung vocals.

The album concludes with "Stop," a lovely pop-oriented piece of electronica full of lush keyboards sharply contrasting the other tunes on the album and demonstrating the artist's range. Certainly worth a journey, Nature About You is a wonderful introduction to Shannon Weir and a very nice listen!

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