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Always the right way,
Always the wrong
Image 2001 Railway

(29 July 2001) The debut album from Linda van der Veen and Arjan Hoekstra performing as Railway is entitled Always the right way Always the wrong. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Twin-Bull in Holland, the eight-track album, like Astrid van der Veen's Beautiful Red reviewed above is available only on CD-R and can be obtained from the artists' website. Vocals are performed by Linda and Arjan whilst Arjan plays guitar and piano.

We were immediately reminded of Grey Eye Glances earliest recordings both in the style and structure, but also in the vocal similarity between Linda and Jennifer Nobel. Linda's voice has a folky texture, perfectly suited to the light acoustic Railway arrangements. Compared to her younger sister's work Linda's vocals are whispier but share in the well trained and emotionally evocative delivery. All music and lyrics for the album are written by Arjan Hoekstra, except "Feelings," music and lyrics by Linda van der Veen and "Julian," covered from K's Choice.

The album opens with a slowly folk rock number entitled "Allright" that the two artists sing together over light acoustic guitar. Linda's vocal power is immediately evident in the opening verses. The album's title is derived from the lyrics of the moody track "Silence" with multi-tracked vocal harmonies, guitar and keyboard accompanying. "Thunder & Lightning" is a lovely heartfelt ballad sung by the two artists together with some multi-tracked harmonies and a delicate piano arrangement.

The maturity, range and power in Linda's voice is most evident in her bluesy delivery of "Feelings." Arjan does a tremendous job singing lead while playing electric guitar in the almost-country style tune entitled "The Fly" a track where Linda provides backing vocals. Linda's evocative vocal in the "I Believe" ballad accompanied by Arjan on piano is sensually sung with depth, texture and presence like Rachel Jones from Karnataka (review).

A short bluesy track sung by both artists entitled "Prison" precedes the album's closing number "Julian," a cover of a heartfelt ballad written and originally performed by K's Choice. Perhaps most illustrative of Linda's vocal prowess, it spans her entire range and demonstrates her depth. Arjen joins with backing vocal harmonies and accompanies Linda on piano.

The debut album from Railway is a fantastic introduction to vocalist Linda van der Veen and band mate Arjan Hoekstra. Simply produced yet well written and equally well performed, it illustrates the raw talent of two artists we'll likely hear more from in the future. Clearly worth further exploration we recommend checking out the soundbites and further information at the group's website. Interested visitors will find the project is worth a journey and that the album is a very nice listen!

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