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(20 January 2001) The self-titled debut album from Mira (Projekt (USA) 96, 2000) is comprised of 10-vocally rich guitar-based tracks that can be favourably compared to the sounds of Love Spirals Downwards, This Ascension and State of Grace. Lead vocalist Regina Sosinski is backed by Tom Parker (guitar), Alan Donaldson (drums) and Max Fresen (bass). The band are based in Tallahasse, Florida. Click on the album cover to visit the band's official website.

Mira's appearance on last year's Projekt compilation, A Cat-Shaped Hole In My Heart, garnered the most press and fan attention of any track on the album. That song, "Cayman," also appears on this debut album. Regina's vocals soar above driving guitars and light percussion and the band's sound departs somewhat from the goth orientation that the label is often known for.

Mira's sound typifies the heavenly vocals genre and is carried by Regina's soaring lead vocals while guitars drift in and out of moody alternative rock style melodies. While some vocalists with such sweetness would require multi-tracking to produce power, the clarity and confidence evidenced in Regina's voice carries melodies without doing so. The album's ballads are balanced with gently rocking numbers. The album opens with "Alone," a tender ballad perfectly constructed to introduce the band's sound and the clarity of Regina's voice to the eager listener. The band's intensity spans an equally evocative range with "Real" being one of the album's harder pieces.

"Blister" is one of the album's standout tracks. Sung primarily as a ballad, the track's chorus moves right along uptempo with a lovely hook. "Even Now" is similar in its construction with heavier instrumentation but equally stunning crystalline vocals. The effective blend of guitar-based instrumentals and voice clearly explain why the band are garnering such critical attention. The goth sounding "Something Ventured" is more traditionally Projekt but vocally more stunning. Regina's vocals are most stunning, soaring and mixed way up and over the instrumentals, in the album's closing masterwork "In The End."

The debut album by Mira is a wonderful blend of stunning heavenly vocal work with richly produced instrumentals. While most of the tracks are soothing in their construction, the album's contrasting rock textures contribute to its overall interest and will expand the label's audience outside those that prefer only the melancholy.

Listen to soundbites, read further reviews and order the album from amazon.com here. While we were most impressed with lead vocalist Regina Sosinski's performances the instrumental work is superb. A stunning debut album certainly worth a journey, it is a must listen!

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