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Arianna Miracle
Image © 2000 Miracle Productions 

(18 November 2000) Arianna is originally from Elmira, just miles from Musical Discoveries' upstate New York headquarters. At only 22, she has a coloratura soprano range spanning in excess of five octaves. Her debut album is entitled Miracle (Miracle Productions / Boosweet Records (USA) 6 93287 00032 2, 2000). She has performed extensively in both musical theater and stage productions playing roles such as Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera, Mabel in Pirates of Penzance and Mae in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Miracle is a broad collection of adult contemporary tunes spanning classical, pop, theatrical and Celtic themes.

Arianna describes her style as pOperatic—derived from fusing "pop" and "operatic". The interest in Arianna's career has skyrocketed since Joseph Tatner of Miracle Productions signed her in early 2000. He said, "She was absolutely amazing, yet her former manager had done nothing for her. I mean, here was a 21-year old [then] girl singing Broadway and Opera songs flawlessly with power, emotion and stage presence way beyond her years, yet she was going nowhere. I told her, 'You have the greatest voice I have ever heard but it means nothing if nobody knows who you are.' I made it my mission in life to change that." Within a couple of weeks, Arianna's picture was taking up 3/4 of a page in the Orange County Register. "She screamed when she saw it," Joseph says. It was only the beginning. And her debut album is garnering a lot of critical attention and its tracks are receiving a extensive radio airplay throughout the United States.

Miracle's ten well-produced tracks clearly demonstrate Arianna's virtuosity with her soaring voice covering everything form Shubert's "Ave Maria" to three Broadway tunes, including "Now When the Rain Falls" from The Scarlet Pimpernel, to the traditional Celtic tune—popularised in Lord Of The Dance—"Suil a Ruin" and Irish lullaby "Too Ra Loo." And most illustrative of Arianna's vocal dexterity is "Home Again" performed very much in a Star Search style. Her classical training and tremendous range are evident in her crystalline performance "Ave Maria." Two versions of "Miracle of Love" adorn the album.

Arrangements throughout the album are light but technically superb with vocals mixed well above instrumentals, including the especially crisp percussion. Lovely backing vocals are provided by the girls of Variety. The album was produced by Timothy J. Paul and is available currently from Arianna's website through the ccnow merchandising scheme. An extremely bright future awaits Arianna. With rumours of her migration to New York, this stunning debut album is worth a cross-country journey—a must listen in all respects!

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