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Eatliz - Miserable - Single Artwork
image Eatliz 2013

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Teasing Nature (2010)
Violently Delicate (2008)


(26 October 2013) In the run up to the early 2014 release of the third full length album by Israel's Eatliz, the band have released the first new material since 2010's Teasing Nature (review) album. There have been a couple of changes to the band's lineup, however their music has continued to develop more or less in the same direction set by the vector leading from Violently Delicate (2008), passing their subsequent singles and going through Teasing Nature. The new album, entitled All Of It, is being financed through a crowd funding campaign via IndieGogo.

Lead vocalist Sivan Abelson, who replaced Lee Triffon, and Omer Hershman (guitar, vocals) also joined Eatliz in 2012. The linup today is completed by Guy Ben Shetrit (guitar, vocals), Hadar Green (bass), and Omry play in front of live audiences around Israel relentlessly and have toured great distances in the last three years. "Miserable" provides an excellent introduction to the new vocalist's work in lead and densely layered backing harmonies.

Sivan, who is also a writer and a screenwriter, contributed the album's lyrics. About the album, the band say, "In this album the lyrical world is new and is more akin to the world of storytelling." Guy Ben Shetrit continues, "Unlike the band's prior albums, that were diversified and varied in style from one to the next, we chose to also explore the territory of electronic music." While some guitar work has been electronically processed and joined by new keyboard sounds in "Miserable," we are anxious to hear more of Eatliz' new direction.

While there have been snippets and YouTube captures of their live performances to give enthusiasts a taste of coming attractings, the "Miserable" single is the first finished product to be released. Listeners will find the band again in very fine form fronted by an outstanding singer supported by the progressive arrangements that have drawn audiences worldwide to the band. Eatliz are not being shy about drawing audiences to the music either. Check out the new single at YouTube or stream it at BandCamp. It is fantastic!

We were told by Eatliz this past week that the album will be mixed and mastered in the next few weeks. Invest in All Of It at IndieGogo. Watch our site updates for the latest Eatliz news and return to Musical Discoveries for the very first internet review of their new album.

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